Business plan vending machines

Business plan

The vending business is an easy start for a newcomer to the business world.

Such entrepreneurial activity does not involve high rental costs, or significant inventory, or work with a large staff. In order to put this business on stream, it is necessary to find passage places, agree with the landlord and start selling products.
And then the business can be easily brought to automatism.
The bottom line is that you place vending machines on the streets, in shopping centers, shops, and they serve customers without the participation of a real seller (read more in the business idea: vending machines ).

Most likely, you have seen coffee machines, terminals for sending payments, machines with candy bars and chewing gum, and more.

To start such a business, you need the simplest business plan — vending machines are not a construction business — everything can be laid out on your fingers here!

Vending machines business plan: main advantages

Learning how to sell goods at retail, as well as to wholesale buyers through direct interaction with customers, through negotiations, websites, and so on, is not an easy task.

The vending business frees you from these difficulties. In addition, there are other advantages:

  1. Minimum wage costs;
  2. With an unsuccessful choice of location, the machine can always be moved;
  3. There is a good prospect of growth in the number of points of sale;
  4. Fast payback (sometimes in a few months).
Vending machines business plan: how much will such a business cost?

To start such a business, you will need an investment of $ 200,000.

The amount of investment can be reduced if you do not buy the machine right away, but lease or rent the equipment.

In this case, one more line will appear in the composition of current expenses: leasing or rental payments. Therefore, saving on initial expenses, you will increase the amount of subsequent payments.

What exactly will you need to spend on?

The bulk of the initial investment in this business will be spent on purchasing the vending machines themselves.
A similar device costs from $ 120,000. The price varies greatly depending on the functions of the machine.
If you decide to go into the coffee business, then an additional line of monthly costs for consumables will appear.

One of the most profitable and least demanding machine maintenance is the terminal.

Absolute beginners of this business are recommended to start with automatic payment machines.

Vending machines business plan: project risks

Perhaps the biggest risk that can arise in this business is the breakdown of the machine.

The machine can break down as a result of a factory defect, which happens quite rarely. The main reason for the breakdown is the actions of third parties. Marauders on our streets, in shopping centers and shops — they may well.

In addition, not at every place the machines will make a profit. It is very important to choose exactly the place where the services and goods you offer to customers will be in demand .

However, it is quite possible to solve these problems — immediately install an anti-vandal frame on the machine and carefully analyze the area where you want to install the machine.

A step by step guide to success in the vending business:
  1. Determine how much money you can find and allow yourself to invest in this business.
  2. Register an individual entrepreneur or LLC (a manual for choosing the optimal organizational and legal form is located here), as well as the most suitable taxation system (you can read more about choosing a taxation system in this article).
  3. While you are registering, find 5 places where, in your opinion, the machine will bring the maximum profit.
  4. Discuss the possibility of installing terminals with the administration of a shopping center or store.
  5. Hire people who will service the machine. In the case of payment terminals, choose the appropriate payment system and discuss all the nuances with its representatives.
  6. Expand your business by increasing the network of terminals or machines around the city. In fact, it has been proven that one person is able to manage the maintenance of many such machines.