Interior door business

Business ideas by directions

The sales market for interior doors is huge. Due to the tradition of renting new buildings without finishing, new residents have to do repairs on their own, including installing interior doors. Repair of apartments in old houses, in which such doors have a completely unpresentable appearance, is not complete without replacing interior doors. Therefore, the production of interior doors always has enough distribution channels to successfully sell their own products. The business for the production of interior doors is also attractive due to its rather highly developed technology and the availability of modern materials for production.
When creating a manufacturing enterprise, it is necessary to rely on the results of marketing research , as well as on a well-thought-out business plan.
The degree of competition in different regions, as well as the level of demand, can be completely different. Naturally, low competition or the absence of similar production facilities in the nearest region give additional chances for success and development of a new enterprise. It is also necessary to decide in advance how the sale of finished products will be organized, avoiding potential overstocking of production warehouses.
Common distribution channels for interior doors are hardware stores , shopping centers specializing in renovation materials, and construction firms involved in interior decoration and apartment renovation.
Often the last distribution channel is much more effective than any other, as the construction team is always able to help the customer with the choice of materials for the renovation of the premises. Often, cooperation with a plastic window manufacturing company

is also effective , since very often, when repairing an apartment, customers turn to it.
By placing samples of interior doors in one of these companies, or even catalogs with photographs of samples, you can get a fairly effective sales tool. Larger interior door manufacturing companies can afford to create their own retail space, where you can not only display samples of doors, but also organize the acceptance of orders for the manufacture of doors, in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

The facility itself does not necessarily need to be located in high rent areas where access options are limited. Most often, such production is located in industrial areas, or outside the city. Depending on the production capacity, the area of ​​​​the premises is selected, at least 100 square meters, since the production equipment is quite voluminous. In addition, it is necessary to provide for the availability of warehouses for raw materials and finished products.

Production technology

As for the production technology, most often interior doors are made either from solid wood or from frames lined with veneer or laminate. The most commonly used technology is veneering, when the frame is veneered. In appearance, these doors look like solid wood doors. They are beautiful and durable.
The total cost of purchasing equipment for the production of interior doors is 2 — 2.5 thousand dollars.
As a rule, for the production of doors, a band sawmill, a tenon cutting and splicing machine, a panel saw, and so on are used. In medium and large-scale production, a drying chamber is also required, which occupies a fairly large area. Dried lumber, high-quality veneer and glue are used as raw materials.

For the normal organization of the production of interior doors, it is desirable to use a well-thought-out business plan, which will become the basis for carrying out economic calculations and bringing the enterprise to profitability.

When determining the break-even point , it is necessary to take into account the material costs of raw materials, wages, rent, utilities, taxes, and so on.

A detailed business plan for the organization of production is ready to be presented by our specialists according to your order.