corrugated board business

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Decking is one of the most high-tech building materials, which greatly facilitate the construction work and the construction of various structures. The corrugated board, thanks to the ribs made on the technological equipment, has increased strength. In addition, the corrugated board, made of galvanized metal sheet, is characterized by high strength along with an acceptable cost.

The corrugated board production business is not so complicated that it cannot be produced by a private enterprise. Therefore, the business idea of ​​\u200b\u200bproducing corrugated board to receive the main income is promising in any case.

The success of such a business, in principle, depends on only two main factors:

  • availability of demand
  • cost of raw materials for production.

So conducting market research before starting a business should provide enough data so that the start-up enterprise does not refuse to be unprofitable.
Currently, many enterprises offer sufficiently high-quality profiled sheets, so it is important to organize your own production in such a way that product prices are competitive.
Since galvanized steel sheet is used in the production of corrugated board, the cost of the finished product is strongly affected by the cost of transporting the original sheet and the finished product. The proximity of production to the consumer allows us to reduce transportation costs and offer decent prices for sale.
The cost of raw materials has a strong influence on the cost of finished products.
Those manufacturers who have the opportunity to obtain steel sheets directly from metallurgical enterprises are in the most advantageous position.

Technology for the production of corrugated board

The organization of the production itself is not particularly difficult, since you can purchase a ready-made automatic line for the production of corrugated board at a cost of about one and a half million dollars. Since the steel sheet is usually supplied in rolls, the automatic line consists of a decoiler, a roll forming machine, hydraulic shears that cut the finished corrugated board to size, and a receiving device on which the manufactured corrugated board is laid. True, since heavy galvanized steel coils must be mounted on a decoiler, an additional gantry crane must be purchased for this. This places special demands on the dimensions of the production facility.

To accommodate the automatic line, as well as steel sheet and finished products, a room with an area of ​​more than 250 square meters and a height of at least 6 meters is required. Since the production of corrugated board is quite energy-intensive, the premises must be provided with sufficient power supply. It should be noted that a profiled steel sheet is usually covered with a laminate, so a special sheet lamination unit is additionally included in the automatic line. Laminated corrugated board has a much more beautiful appearance, and is not scratched during installation and transportation.
One line of automatic production of corrugated board is capable of producing from 10 to 15 tons of rolled products per shift.
The markup on the finished corrugated board, compared to the original steel sheet, is up to 25%. This allows you to create a fairly profitable and profitable business based on the production of corrugated board, which is able not only to generate profit, but also quickly recoup the cost of equipment and preparation of the premises.
Experience shows that 6-8 months is enough to recoup the costs, provided that production is organized on the basis of a high-quality business plan.

We are ready to offer you such a business plan , with all the necessary economic calculations attached, after your order on our website.