Dry cleaning as a business

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Dry cleaning is a fast-paying business, although it requires certain investments at the initial stage. This is due to the rather low competition in this market segment.
Once upon a time, the network of dry cleaners fully covered the needs of the population, since the influx of new goods into the country was limited. However, later it became easier to buy a new thing than to clean an old one, and the technology of the old dry cleaners was completely outdated, so this type of business practically ceased to exist.

Opening a dry cleaners these days is practically a new business.

Modern technologies allow you to quickly and efficiently clean things, and the demand for these services from the population has grown again.
Meanwhile, the number of dry cleaners per population is about 16 times less than in the United States and 30 times less than in Europe. That is, the potential of this market is simply huge.
Of course, in order to open a dry cleaning business, you need to focus not on the general figures for the country, but on the specific situation in your city. To do this, you need to conduct a marketing research on the creation of dry cleaning , which will give you the necessary information.
If it turns out that there are no competitors in the city, or they use old equipment, then you can safely proceed to implement the dry cleaning business idea.

The fact is that the services of modern dry cleaning are not limited to cleaning clothes.

Dry cleaning is able to clean pillows, blankets, carpets and so on. And, having received a major customer in the form of a first-class hotel, you can not worry about attracting customers. However, public services can bring no less income.

It is most profitable to open your own production in the form of dry cleaning by purchasing equipment and creating a mini-workshop for cleaning various products. This will allow not only to receive orders from large corporate clients, but also eventually create your own network of collection points, becoming a monopolist in your city.

However, if there is a lack of funds and special knowledge, as well as if there is a large dry cleaner in your city, you can go the other way by opening a dry cleaning business using a franchise. In this case, you do not need to invest in expensive equipment, it is enough to focus on opening collection points and attracting customers. It is clear that in this case the income will have to be shared with the main producer, but the costs will be less.
That is why, in order to determine the profitability of a particular dry cleaning option, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary marketing research and calculations.
Another option for a dry cleaning business can be the prompt provision of dry cleaning services with home visits to customers. In this case, you don’t need to buy expensive equipment and create a network of collection points at all, it’s enough to study the dry cleaning technology well and purchase the appropriate materials. However, this type of business is more likely to be a business without investments in the service sector.