Container terminal as a business

Business ideas by directions

The container way of transportation of goods is the most convenient, technologically advanced and cost-effective. Containers ensure the safety of cargo and reduce the number of necessary loading and unloading operations, allow you to quickly and with maximum productivity handle a huge amount of transported goods. Therefore, in the total volume of transportation around the world, it is container transportation that has a clear upward trend.
The main problem of organizing container transportation is the insufficient number of container terminals.
Therefore, the creation of a container terminal as a business is a promising undertaking that can bring high incomes for many years. Of course, the construction of a container terminal requires large investments, hard planning and professional knowledge. Nevertheless, low competition in this area, high cost of container handling allow us to count on a quick payback of costs and large incomes in the future.
Container transport is only beneficial for shippers if the containers can be handled throughout the territory that is the destination of the shipment.
The terminal must be able to handle all types of containers, carry out loading and unloading operations, have enough space for container storage, as well as be able to handle containers delivered by water, rail and heavy trucks.

The container terminal provides a wide range of services, including assistance in loading and unloading, optimization and ordering of cargo inside the container, weighing containers, recharging the battery sections of refrigerators, and customs clearance. To carry out all the work, the container terminal must be equipped with a sufficient number of loading and unloading equipment, use modern cargo handling technologies.
An important element of the container terminal is the presence of a sufficiently large storage area, from one and a half dozen hectares.
Different cargo handling operations have different durations, so there may be large congestion and slowdown in the processing of incoming and outgoing containers. In order to smooth out differences in the intensity of operations, a place is needed where containers can wait for their turn for further processing. However, a storage area is not just a place where containers are sent for temporary storage, but a sector that allows you to quickly manage cargo flows. Such a site itself should allow for a number of intermediate operations, in particular, customs processing of goods.
An important function of the container terminal is also the handling and maintenance of empty containers that are returned from the end user.
The storage area must also provide conditions for the storage of special cargo containing hazardous substances, as well as refrigeration sections that require power supply. In fact, the container terminal is a large logistics center specializing in the handling of cargo in containers and their storage.

Therefore, the creation of a container terminal must be approached as seriously as possible, especially since its creation requires investments from 50 to 150 thousand dollars. To attract such investments, they usually use not only bank loans, but also the issuance of securities with the involvement of additional investors interested in creating such a terminal.

Terminal technical support

From the point of view of technical support for the operation of a container terminal, it is necessary to have not only portal and gantry cranes, various types of transporting and lifting mechanisms, container loaders, but also a solid supply of our own containers and repair facilities. As a rule, the terminal is built on the coast of the sea or river, so the list of necessary equipment must include a pier with a length of at least 300 meters. In addition, a railway line should approach the terminal, as well as a good motorway.

Of course, for the operation of a container terminal, it is necessary to have customers interested in cargo handling, therefore, work to attract such customers should be carried out long before the start of the terminal, so that shippers of goods can plan this place of processing in their logistics plans in time.
Calculations show that the return on investment is achieved, despite their size, in a few months.
The creation of a container terminal requires large investments, carries high risks, but is an extremely profitable business, subject to a high degree of organization and a well-thought-out business plan.

We are ready to provide such a business plan for your order , with all the necessary economic calculations to build a reliable business in the field of container transportation.