Marketing research on car service

Marketing research

The cost of implementing a car service business idea largely depends on the format of the car service and the list of services. After all, car repair services require technical equipment, and this entails requirements for the size of the room, equipment, and so on.

In order not to create problems for the future business already at the first stage, it is necessary to conduct a marketing research and determine the degree of competition, and then draw up a list of services.

In principle, if there are competing firms nearby, this can play into the hands of a new enterprise, but only if the quality of services is higher, and the list of services is somewhat different.
For example, if you can provide customers with some additional services, such as adjusting the ignition, lights or power systems, you can lure customers away from competitors to yourself. And vice versa, you can lose customers if the list of services of your competitors is wider.

The list of services will tell you what kind of premises and equipment you will need for quality customer service.

It should be noted that there are general requirements for the premises of a car service, for example, the distance to residential buildings must be at least 50 meters. The car service room should not be located near water bodies, so as not to pollute the environment. In addition, there should be a convenient entrance to the car service and a small parking lot nearby.
You can successfully locate the premises of a car service near gas stations.

Equipment costs depend on the list of services and the scale of the business.

At least you need to have one or two posts with lifts and complete sets of tools, a compressor, a wheel alignment stand, a diagnostic scanner, a transmission rack, jacks, traverses, and so on.

The total cost of equipment for a small auto repair shop is usually around $120,000. Accordingly, the provision of associated services, such as a car wash or tire fitting, will require additional initial investments.

The initial costs of opening a car service also need to take into account the costs of installing equipment, obtaining permits and purchasing a minimum set of spare parts and consumables.

The current costs will include the cost of staff salaries, the cost of renting premises and utilities, the purchase of spare parts, materials and fuels and lubricants.

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