Marketing research: beauty salon business project

Marketing research

So, you are attracted by the idea of ​​opening your own beauty salon. What you need to consider before starting your own business and where to start preparing for it?

Before embarking on the implementation of a beauty salon business project , you must first conduct marketing researchto make sure that the enterprise will be profitable and investments in it will not be in vain.

The very first step towards the implementation of a beauty salon business project

— determine where the salon will be located

— And what clientele it will be designed for.

In fact, these two points of marketing research are closely related.

If it is planned to open an elite salon with expensive services, then the main clients of this salon will be wealthy people who require a certain level of comfort, do not want to waste time and expect special treatment.
An elite beauty salon should be opened in the central area of ​​the city, or in a large shopping center.
A prerequisite is the presence of a parking lot and good access to it.

If the beauty salon is designed for the average category of clients, then it is better to locate it in a residential area of ​​​​the city, or in places with high traffic.

It is clear that elite salons require more spacious and expensive premises, and better finishes, and more comfortable furniture, and expensive unique equipment, and the best craftsmen, and a wider range of services. The flow of clients in such salons, as a rule, is much lower, more time is spent on each client, however, services are provided in a complex and the average bill is much higher.
Middle-class beauty salons are more profitable, less expensive, and often more profitable than elite ones.
That is why their number significantly exceeds the number of elite establishments. But the competition is also higher.

Having determined the type of beauty salon, it is necessary to immediately determine the list of services provided.

This is very important, as this list will become the basis for the purchase of equipment and the layout of the premises.

By the way, the main technical problem in the implementation of a beauty salon business project is the premises. If the premises are owned, then there are no special problems. Many small salons open simply in former apartments. The main difficulty is the transfer of residential premises to non-residential.

The main costs during the implementation of your beauty salon business project

If the premises are rented, then the rent can eat up a significant part of the income, especially if the premises are located in areas with high rents.

Next, you need to take into account the cost of repairs and equipment of the premises. Repair is always necessary, otherwise it will not be possible to create a beauty salon with its own, recognizable image, which is very important for forming a circle of regular customers.

In addition, many services require water, so workplace equipment must take this into account before repairs begin. And accordingly, it is necessary to immediately plan the distribution and placement of equipment and furniture, depending on the services provided.

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of the masters, since each master usually develops his own methods of work, uses his own set of tools.
Chairs for work must be purchased as comfortable as possible, this will reduce the time of work with one client and facilitate the work of the craftsmen.
In order not to incur unnecessary costs, it is better to immediately take into account the wishes of the masters, which, by the way, you can “fix” with your salon.

When purchasing equipment, it is necessary to take into account the requirements for the sanitization of tools. The costs should include the purchase of sterilizers and consumables.

Starting investments in the project of organizing a beauty salon

The initial costs of opening a beauty salon include the order of a single uniform for masters and specialized underwear and perfumes. The unity of form is a prerequisite for a beauty salon that wants to have its own corporate identity.

The main operating costs will be associated with utilities, the purchase of consumables and payroll costs. By the way, this type of business greatly facilitates the burden of the last expense item, since, as a rule, craftsmen receive wages depending on the income they bring, that is, they themselves participate in its formation. However, in this case it is impossible to be stingy in determining the percentage received by the masters, since the master can leave, taking with him a significant part of his regular customers.

And, finally, when conducting a marketing research of a beauty salon business project, it is necessary to take into account the proximity of other salons.

At the same time, the proximity of a competitor may not necessarily play against your enterprise. If someone else’s beauty salon is overloaded with customers, and there are constant lines in it, then by opening your own salon nearby, you can get a constant influx of customers at the expense of those who do not want to wait. And then, by providing a higher quality of services, you can also win over the main clientele. The main thing is to correctly assess your potential and the needs of customers.