Marketing Research: Long Haul

Marketing research

Transportation of goods over long distances is the most serious variant of the business idea of ​​​​cargo transportation. For the organization of business of a cargo transportation rather large initial investments and current expenses are necessary.

Starting investments in the organization of long-distance cargo transportation

1) First of all, this is the acquisition of transport

Freight trucks, which are usually used to transport large consignments of goods or groupage cargo, are not cheap. Especially if you buy a new car or, in any case, in good condition.
The cost of such a car, as a rule, exceeds 5-6 thousand dollars.
You will also need to obtain a license to transport goods. However, the income received for long-distance cargo transportation makes it possible to quickly recoup the initial investment.

2) In addition to trucks, covered flatbed vehicles or tanks can be used for the transport of goods

Some entrepreneurs specializing in the transportation of liquefied gas or fuel in tanks manage to earn several hundred thousand dollars a month, making only three or four trips a month.

It is clear that investments in specialized transport are higher, and the requirements for permits for its operation are higher.

True, the introduction of a transport tax on heavy vehicles has significantly reduced the profitability of this business, but it still remains among the leaders among other types of small businesses, gradually giving way to large and medium-sized transport companies.

Risks in the long haul business

When implementing a business idea for cargo transportation, especially long-distance cargo, it is also necessary to take into account the risks that the entrepreneur bears for the safety of the cargo. Indeed, at the stage of transportation, it is he who is responsible for the cargo, so the losses during the delivery of valuable cargo can be very high.

In this regard, the form in which this type of business is conducted is very important.

It must be remembered that an individual entrepreneur is liable with all his property.

Therefore, when conducting marketing research on long-distance cargo transportation, it is necessary to take into account these risks. It may be more profitable in this case to choose the legal form of your business as a limited liability company. This will avoid personal bankruptcy and facilitate the conclusion of contracts for large cargo transportation.

Current expenses when organizing a cargo transportation business

The LLC organization provides for bookkeeping, that is, additional expenses that must be taken into account in current expenses, along with the costs of fuel, insurance, maintenance and repair of the car.

And, of course, when implementing a business idea for cargo transportation, you need to answer a number of other questions:

— where the cargo and transport will be stored in the intervals between shipments;

How will it be protected?

— who will carry out loading and unloading operations;

— who will ensure the acceptance and adjustment of orders from customers, the search for passing cargo and the development of the optimal route, and so on.

The business of cargo transportation is quite complex, it is an integral part of the logistics schemes for the movement of goods, however, with the right organization, it can bring high incomes and be quite profitable. Long-distance cargo transportation.