Marketing Research for an Internet Cafe

Marketing research

As we noted in the article Business Idea: Internet Cafe , the embodiment of this type of business can be in the form of either a computer club or a cafe. These are completely different forms of Internet cafes, and, accordingly, the costs of their creation and support will be completely different.

Internet cafe market research should help you figure out who you’ll bet on in your future business. Nearby educational institutions, you can bet on gamers, regular players in network games.
If you are not sure that you can do business with this rather narrow circle of low-income people, then it is better to implement the idea of ​​a cafe with the provision of additional services related to Internet access.
You can avoid expensive repairs in a computer club room. It is enough to make cosmetic repairs, relying on the original youth design. That is why such clubs are often organized in basements, saving on repairs and rent.

Furniture can also be the simplest: computer tables and chairs.

To save money, instead of a bar, you can put three vending machines in an Internet cafe: one for snacks, and two for selling chilled and hot drinks.
There must also be a toilet, as gamers spend a lot of time in clubs.

But you can’t save on hardware and software.

First, all software must be licensed. This is expensive, but necessary, since inspections by regulatory authorities will be mandatory.

In addition, modern games require serious resources, good video cards. You will also need good headphones and headsets for Internet communication.
Moreover, all this equipment will have to be updated quite often and radically, since new games require new resources. So it will be necessary to constantly divert funds from profits to create reserves.
If you decide on the implementation of the business idea of ​​​​an Internet cafe in the form of a cafe, then the repair will have to be made more expensive, the furniture will have to be comfortable and beautiful.

We will also have to equip service premises, a kitchen, and fulfill all sanitary requirements.
However, the revenue of such a cafe will be more stable, and the profitability will be higher.
Such an Internet cafe is not subject to the risks of updating computer equipment and licenses, it makes a profit by selling food and drinks.
But the image of an Internet cafe allows you to form a circle of regular customers.

As for cost and profitability calculations, depending on the chosen option for implementing a business idea, on our website you can not only make an independent preliminary assessment, but also order an accurate calculation and business plan for any option.