Marketing research of a fitness club

Marketing research

The profitability of a fitness club business idea largely depends on how thorough the preparations for the opening of the club were, and how detailed the marketing research was conducted to identify the needs of customers.

Getting stable and high income directly depends on the popularity of the fitness club.

Regardless of the size of the future fitness club, first of all, you need to choose the right place for its placement. To do this, it is very important at the first stage to identify competition from other sports institutions that provide similar services.
In this type of business, competition is quite low. Sports facilities, created back in Soviet times, are technically outdated for a long time, they are usually used as sports grounds in various clubs.
However, the competition for the future fitness club can be made up of various so-called «rocking chairs», usually located in basements, and providing services at very low prices. These low-grade establishments are usually aimed at young people who do not have sufficient funds.

The fitness club, on the other hand, is interesting for people with a higher income level, it is equipped with more modern equipment, and thus can attract some of the clients.

The premises of the fitness club should be chosen based on the needs of future customers.

These needs can be identified through surveys and statistical data questionnaires. Depending on the needs of customers, it is necessary to plan the level of the fitness club, the list and cost of the services provided, as well as the equipment of its premises.

In the case of organizing an elite fitness club, it is necessary to plan the placement of a good parking lot nearby, as well as a whole complex of additional enterprises, such as a sportswear and accessories store, a cafe, a beauty salon, and so on.

The premises of the fitness club should include a hall in which the reception is located, men’s and women’s locker rooms, fitness rooms, a sauna, a swimming pool, massage rooms, and so on.

To organize group classes, it is desirable to have several rooms equipped with various sports equipment and inventory.

When decorating the premises, it is desirable to use modern design and provide good lighting for sports halls. The equipment of the fitness club premises must be made taking into account the requirements of sanitary and fire authorities.

As for the technical equipment of the fitness club, it is necessary to purchase modern exercise equipment in sufficient quantities, such as treadmills, exercise bikes, various strength training equipment, gymnastic complexes, as well as sports equipment for group work using special methods.

Separately, it is necessary to plan the equipment of showers, saunas, massage rooms, a solarium and other specialized facilities.
It is also worth taking care of comfortable furniture, on which clients can relax and unwind after a workout.
The success of a fitness club also largely depends on the qualifications and friendliness of the staff. When recruiting staff, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the work of a fitness club and provide in the state, in addition to the manager, at least two administrators who will work at the reception desk, several trainers-consultants for organizing and conducting group classes, massage therapists, cleaners, service and technical staff .

The initial costs of implementing a fitness club business idea will include the cost of the premises itself, its repair, decoration and equipment, the purchase of sports equipment and training equipment, as well as consumables for the first time (various towels, napkins, and so on).
Experience shows that the initial cost of opening even a small fitness club is about 5 thousand dollars.
Operating costs will include staff salaries, utility and space rental costs (if the space is leased), maintenance costs, running consumables, and advertising.

The fitness club’s income will consist of the sale of club cards and subscriptions for regular visitors, fees for one-time visits, sales of related services and goods.

High demand for the services of fitness clubs from the population, the right location for a fitness club, as well as its development strategy, usually make it possible to become profitable already in the first year after the establishment of a fitness club.

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