Marketing research of a cottage village

Marketing research

The implementation of the business idea of ​​a cottage village is a complex and expensive project. When it is being developed, long before the start of implementation, it is necessary to conduct a thorough and detailed marketing research, which should show the reality of the return on the large investments required to bring this project to life.

Marketing research should begin with a study of the demand for suburban real estate among the population of the city.

The construction of suburban real estate, as a rule, has high competition among developers. This is due to the profitability of construction, especially in conditions of increased demand. However, if the offers of developers and the prices they offer exceed the demand of the population, then the implementation of the business idea of ​​a cottage village can lengthen the time for the return of funds invested in the project, or even cause losses.

Therefore, at the first stage of marketing research, it is necessary to clearly define the target population groups for which houses will be built in the cottage settlement; average price per square meter in houses under construction; a list of necessary infrastructure facilities, as well as to estimate the volume of construction, so as not to cause a decrease in the cost per square meter of suburban real estate below the cost of construction.

The second stage of marketing research should be the selection of a land plot for the construction of a cottage settlement, as well as identifying the possibility of obtaining a building permit.
A place for the construction of a cottage settlement should be chosen based on the needs of potential buyers.
It should be an ecologically clean, picturesque place not far from the city, since many residents of the future cottage settlement will go to work in the city. A green area and a pond must be located near the future cottage settlement.
The area of ​​the land plot should ensure not only the construction of residential buildings, but also all the necessary infrastructure that distinguishes a cottage settlement from a rural settlement.

The most important condition when choosing a place for the construction of a cottage village should be the proximity of transport routes.

Since the cottage community must be connected to the city by a good road, the nearby highway will help save money on building a road to the cottage community. Otherwise, significant funds will have to be spent on the construction of the road.

When planning a cottage village, it is also necessary to take into account the possibility of connecting the entire infrastructure of the village to various communications, as well as sources of electricity. The capacity of the power lines passing nearby, as well as the distribution substation, must meet the needs of the cottage settlement and all its facilities.

One of the important conditions for living in a cottage settlement is the availability of all urban amenities, including water supply and sewerage.

Therefore, during the construction of a cottage settlement, it is necessary to design in advance a scheme for providing the settlement with water, the construction of sewerage and treatment facilities, and also plan the corresponding costs.

In addition, the construction site of the cottage settlement should be included in the coverage area of ​​cellular operators. The village should also provide for the possibility of connecting communication channels, the Internet and cable television.

On average, in an ordinary cottage settlement there are about 100 residential buildings.
If there is free space on the land plot, as well as demand from the population, it is possible to plan an increase in the number of houses in the cottage village, but do not forget that the village must provide comfortable living for all its residents.

When planning a cottage village, it is necessary to provide for the construction of absolutely all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay for residents:

  • kindergartens;
  • sports halls;
  • beauty salons;
  • schools;
  • shops and so on.

The cottage settlement should provide its residents with autonomous living, and, at the same time, maintain the possibility of good communication with the city.
When preparing a business plan, it should also be taken into account that most suburban real estate is purchased with a mortgage. Therefore, there are certain risks for the timely receipt from customers of the full amount of funds planned for the construction of the village. There are risks that some clients will refuse to continue construction, as well as other risks of an administrative, operational and financial nature.
Much also depends on whether the developer himself is the organizer of the construction of the cottage village. If the construction is carried out by a contractor, there are additional risks associated with the completion of construction within the time frame stipulated by contracts with customers.
When preparing a business project for the construction of a cottage settlement, it should be taken into account that obtaining various permits is a significant part of the financial costs of the project. The development of a detailed business plan for a cottage settlement, as well as all the necessary calculations, is a rather complicated and time-consuming process.

In this regard, we suggest that you entrust this work to specialists and order the necessary calculations, as well as a ready-made business plan on our website.