Marketing Research: Medical Center

Marketing research

In order to realize the business idea of ​​a medical center , you need to be a specialist in this field and have a good knowledge of the situation with the provision of medical services.

One of the main problems when opening a medical center is obtaining a license to carry out medical activities.

Therefore, before embarking on the implementation of a business idea for a medical center, you must first make sure that it is possible to obtain a license and conduct a marketing research.

Market research should reveal the main thing: how high the competition in the field of medicine in which you are going to operate.

Lack of competition will make it easier to get a license, especially if there are such arguments as a higher medical education, work experience and a good reputation.

The choice of the premises of the medical center depends on its profile and scale of activity.

If we are talking about a small diagnostic center, then it is better to choose a room near large medical institutions. The same applies to the analysis laboratory. Such laboratories are in demand, for example, near the centers of medical examinations. Premises for medical procedures, for example, centers for therapeutic massage, acupuncture, hirudotherapy, and so on, can be located away from medical facilities.
However, when opening such a medical center, it is necessary to take into account the duration of the procedures and, therefore, the need to locate a parking lot and transport routes nearby.
The main initial costs for opening a medical center will be for the preparation and repair of the premises, the purchase and installation of equipment, obtaining permits for medical activities, as well as sanitary and fire authorities.

Since the success of medical activities largely depends on the qualifications of the staff, the salaries of specialists will make up the bulk of current costs.

Current costs will also include the cost of renting premises, utilities, the cost of purchasing medicines and consumables, and equipment maintenance.

However, since paid medical services to the population are exempt from taxes, the profitability of the medical center can be quite high.

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