Marketing Research: Starting a Flower Business

Marketing research

Before you start implementing a flower shop business project , you need to decide on the type of business, the main types of which we have already considered earlier.

Depending on whether you are going to organize a flower pavilion, a boutique or a full-fledged flower shop, the list of questions that need to be determined in the course of marketing research also depends. Flower business can be organized even at home .

Before starting a flower business, you need to study the potential buyer

In any case, first of all, you need to understand who the future buyer will be. And already based on this and choose a place to locate a business and a range of goods.

1) If you are focusing on a casual buyer, then it is quite enough to sell cut flowers in a flower pavilion located near a metro station, market or shopping center.

For this type of business, you need to purchase no more than 15-20 types of flowers and ornamental plants. This will make it possible to receive up to 40 thousand dollars of revenue daily in a bustling place of a large city, and even more on weekends. A good additional income is the packaging of flowers and the formation of bouquets.

Therefore, you should train the staff in advance on how to quickly and beautifully design bouquets for every taste.

But the most important thing is the presence of a reliable and constant supplier of fresh cut flowers. Investments in this type of business can range from one to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the location and design of the pavilion.

2) If your customers are residents of a nearby microdistrict, employees of enterprises, women who love flowers, visitors to shopping centers, then it makes sense to open a flower shop.

Business setup costs

Investment in a flower shop is usually more solid.

Depending on the size and design, they can range from several hundred thousand to several thousand dollars.

It is necessary not only to repair and decorate the premises, but also to install shelving, provide good lighting, humidification and air conditioning. Purchasing an initial assortment of plants can also divert initially quite large sums. However, if the flower shop is located in a good location, the investment in it pays off in less than a year.

By the way, the current costs in a flower shop can be even lower than in a flower pavilion, since there is no need to organize a round-the-clock sale, which means that the cost of wages for florists will be lower. Losses from damage to goods will also be lower, since freshly cut flowers make up only part of the store’s assortment.

The initial costs of setting up a boutique florist business can be relatively small.

However, as experience shows, such boutiques show high profitability just where the rent of the premises is extremely high. The rental fee will be the most important cost component in this type of flower business. However, the room itself can be very small, but adequately decorated and with good lighting, emphasizing the beauty of the compositions.

The main source of income will be the art of the florist.

Depending on what type of flower business you prefer, on our website you can order the preparation of a specific business plan, based on your specific conditions.

Good luck with your business!