Marketing research on opening a taxi service

Marketing research

The implementation of a taxi business idea should begin with studying the market and the competitive environment. It is imperative to study the advantages and disadvantages of taxi services in your city in order to find your niche and prevent the flow of customers and drivers to competitors.

At this stage, it is desirable to know exactly how many cars are on the line daily in each taxi service, what are the prices for the trip, whether there are bonus programs, what the drivers are paid, what software and communications are used.
Based on the data obtained, you will be able to preliminarily evaluate your capabilities and the amount of initial investment in opening a taxi service.
It is critical for a taxi service to ensure reliable communication with drivers and customers, since the taxi service is actually an intermediary between customers and drivers. It is absolutely not worth counting on the creation of a taxi service, using one landline phone to receive orders and one mobile phone to communicate with drivers.
Such low-budget taxi services fall apart in their first months of existence.
Therefore, it is worth paying attention to modern technologies for processing orders, for example, to the full automation of the processes of receiving and processing orders provided by the software of the Unified Taxi Service. The use of such technologies allows processing orders as quickly as possible and with high quality, facilitating the work of all participants in business processes.

Moreover, the use of modern technologies allows obtaining competitive advantages. Since it is often more convenient for customers to receive information about the status of an order using SMS messages. And the use of mobile communication eliminates the need to obtain permission to use radio frequencies, which can save a lot of time when starting a taxi service.

So, the initial costs of implementing a taxi business idea include the costs of purchasing software, or connecting large operators to a cloud solution. In the case of using radio communications, it is necessary to obtain a license and purchase walkie-talkies for dispatchers and drivers.

By the way, sometimes it is more profitable to use the services of call centers than to create your own communication network. In this case, communication costs will not be initial investments, but current expenses.
To determine the profitability, you need to find out in advance about the tariffs of local call centers and compare with the costs of your own communication.
To accommodate the control room you will need a room. It can be rented, or a control room can be placed in any available room. Since the work of dispatchers must be around the clock, it is necessary to provide good sound insulation and decent living conditions in the room.

The current costs of opening a taxi service will consist of communication costs, utilities, salaries for dispatchers and deductions for drivers, fees for using software, advertising and accounting services.

A more accurate calculation of the cost of opening a taxi service in your particular case, as well as a detailed business plan, you can order on our website.