Marketing research of a hairdressing salon

Marketing research

Opening a barbershop can be the impetus for starting a large business based on a whole network of establishments. However, for the successful implementation of a hairdressing business idea, it is necessary to have a lot of preliminary information.

This is where marketing research can help. First of all, you need to decide on the choice of location for the future hairdressing salon, to identify how strong the competition is in the immediate environment.

The high profitability of the hairdressing business inevitably entails high competition.

Therefore, you need to find out in advance where the nearest hairdressers and beauty salons are located, what services they provide and at what prices, what are their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this information, you can choose the format of the hairdresser.
For example, open a men’s hairdresser in an area where only beauty salons or combined salons are located. This will immediately attract the male part of clients who are reluctant to visit establishments called beauty salons.

The format of the hairdressing salon will set the requirements for the premises and equipment of the institution.

If for the men’s salon you can get by with a minimum set, then for the women’s salon you will need more equipment. The initial cost of opening a barbershop will also depend on this.

It should be taken into account that, since the barbershop is associated with servicing the population, in order to open it, it is necessary to fulfill rather stringent sanitary and fire requirements. Therefore, the cost of obtaining permits from the fire and sanitary and epidemiological control services should be included in the initial cost planning. In addition, the barbershop will require certificates of hairdressers to operate, and this may require their training.

Repair and equipment of the barbershop itself, as a rule, does not require large expenditures, if the barbershop is not an elite establishment. The main thing is that it is clean, light and comfortable. A few inexpensive design solutions will give the barbershop its own image.

The initial equipment costs are also not too high. In the standard version, you need hairdressing chairs, tables, bedside tables, mirrors, sinks, wardrobes, as well as hair dryers and various hairdressing tools. It is also necessary to include in the initial costs the cost of acquiring a small supply of consumables — wipes, shampoos, balms, perfumes, and so on.

The operating costs of the barbershop will consist of staff salaries, rent and utilities, consumables, cleaning and laundry services. At the first stage, until the client base grows, a significant part of the current costs can also be advertising.

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