Marketing research: website development

Marketing research

Before implementing the business idea of ​​creating your own website, you must first assess the relevance of the topic and the costs of its creation and advertising.

The main steps of market research when creating a website

1) To determine the demand for the subject of the future site, you must first create a set of so-called keywords that describe the direction and main topics of the site as accurately as possible.
For example, for a site about fishing, such keywords could be: «fishing, fishing, fishing, fishing methods, fishing lures, fishing tackle» and so on.
2) To determine the frequency of search queries for selected keywords, you can use the WordStat service , which is offered by Yandex.

However, it should be noted that the frequency of queries in itself does not guarantee high traffic to the site, since there is very high competition on the Internet. Just at the stage of marketing research to create a site, it is important to determine the market potential and the demand for an information product.

3) Using other services, for example, Google AdSense , you can also determine the cost of advertising for selected keywords.

What does the analysis of Google AdSense advertising give:

— firstly, the ability to estimate the cost of website promotion through advertising campaigns;

— secondly, to estimate the possible income from advertising placed on the site, if the site is intended for an advertising business.

The cost of creating a site will depend on its design, structure and content.

In any case, for a business site, it is recommended to register your domain name and conclude a hosting lease agreement. Although this requires a small amount of money, about $ 1,500 a year, but this is still an expense that may not pay off if the site cannot be filled with content and promoted during this time.
Therefore, we recommend spending more time on preparatory work than hosting an empty site.
The site design can be standard when using a free template, or designed specifically for your theme. If you do not have experience working with websites, we recommend that you entrust this work to specialists, and focus on filling the site with information and developing it yourself.

However, there is an option to buy a ready-made promoted site with a permanent audience of visitors, but this is a rather expensive option.

Although, on the other hand, the time and money spent on promoting a new site may exceed the cost of acquiring a finished one.

When implementing a business idea to create your own website, you need to be prepared for the fact that the real return on it may appear in months or even years from the moment of creation.

However, investing quite a lot of money in advertising and website promotion can seriously reduce these terms, and an interesting topic will make it possible to attract a large number of visitors and recoup the costs.