Marketing research of a typography

Marketing research

The success of the printing house business idea implementation largely depends on the quality of the marketing research and the right choice of the target consumer.

Before embarking on the implementation of a business idea for a printing house, you need to carefully identify all the competitors that exist in the local market.

This is quite simple to do, since usually existing printing houses actively advertise their services and products.
However, it is important to carefully and scrupulously work with each of the competitors, identifying the main products that it offers to customers; equipment for the production of printed products; volumes of minimum orders; pricing system; formats and color of printed products; the speed of preparing layouts and fulfilling orders on time.

A well-conducted market research will usually show segments of the printing market where competition is not so high.

At the same time, it is possible to identify segments in which consumer demands are not fully satisfied.
When creating a small printing house, it is especially necessary to carefully study the needs and requests of small companies and individuals in a marketing research. This will help form the basic package of services that will become the basis for the formation and development of future business.

The second step of marketing research will be the search for suitable premises for the future printing house.

The dimensions of this room largely depend on the formed idea of ​​future products and the equipment that will be used to fulfill orders. A print shop doesn’t have to be located on key highways or downtown.
However, it should be taken into account that in order to work with customers, it is necessary to provide good access either to the printing house itself or to the points of acceptance and delivery of orders.
That is, in principle, the premises for receiving and issuing orders, meetings with customers, and the work of designers can be separated from the premises in which the actual printing equipment will be located. True, in this case, you will have to maintain both premises and pay utilities and rent. But, with high rental prices in the central part of the city and low prices in the industrial area or on the outskirts, this option can bring significant savings when calculating the profitability of the project.

In the initial costs of implementing the business idea of ​​a printing house, the most significant part will be the cost of purchasing equipment. The list of equipment, and, consequently, its cost, depends on the products that the printing house will offer. Usually, for a small printing house, a small offset printing machine, a risograph, several color copiers, inkjet and laser printers and other printing equipment (laminators, booklet makers, cutters, bending and fastening devices, copy frames, etc.) are purchased.
The initial cost of purchasing equipment for a small print shop is usually several tens of thousands of dollars.
In addition to the actual printing equipment, it is necessary to provide for the costs of purchasing good computer equipment and software licenses to create a design project for layouts of future printed products.

It is also worth including the costs of advertising a new printing house in the initial costs, since without this it is unlikely that a new business will be promoted.

In the current costs, the main share will be occupied by staff salaries, the cost of renting premises and utilities, the purchase of consumables, transportation costs, and so on.

The payback period of a business idea for a printing house will largely depend on how quickly you can gain a customer base, as well as promote a new project among customers.

You can preliminarily assess the profitability of a future project using a special calculator posted on our website.

More accurate calculations, as well as a ready-made business plan applicable to your specific conditions, you can order on our website.