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The increased demand for security services, their high cost attract many entrepreneurs to this type of activity, especially those with experience in the field of security or former law enforcement officers. Registration and creation of a private security company for experienced people is not too difficult, but often turns out to be unprofitable, because even being an experienced security specialist, you can be a bad businessman. Nevertheless, the successful experience of many private security companies becomes an example for others, the number of enterprises is growing every year, and competition in this type of activity is intensifying.
The implementation of the business idea of ​​​​creating a security company must be approached with the utmost responsibility, guided by a good business plan.
Most often, a security company provides services to legal entities and individuals, including console security, cash collection and escort of funds, installation and maintenance of technical security equipment, providing educational, legal and information services.

From a technical point of view, the most difficult type of service is the organization of console security, since it is necessary to attract substantial funds both in the technical equipment of the console and in the creation and training of rapid response teams. True, this type of security services brings quite large incomes, since it is in high demand among legal entities and individuals.

When providing collection services and escorting money and goods, it is necessary to provide employees with weapons and protective equipment. This, in turn, requires the equipment of the armory in accordance with the requirements of the law. It is necessary to strengthen the armory room itself by installing an iron grate on all planes of the room, to provide round-the-clock security, as well as the presence of a safe and metal doors.
These types of services require fairly large investments, which can range from 70 to 100 thousand dollars.
Some private security companies seek to avoid such large investments by providing other types of services that do not involve the carrying of weapons or the use of sophisticated technical means.
It should be noted that another problem of a security company is the availability of licenses by employees of the company.
You can obtain a private security guard license by completing training at a specialized educational institution. Such training also comes at a cost, which is why many private security companies choose to hire employees with law enforcement experience who do not require such a license. Since a security company cannot do without qualified employees, the main cost of such an enterprise consists of wages.
However, in order to provide security services, the company also needs to provide for the costs of car maintenance, as well as technical support for security equipment.
Naturally, when using console security, you must have your own room, which houses the console itself, as well as a rapid response group and a weapons room.
The profitability of a security company strongly depends on the list of services it provides, as well as on the volume of customers and technical equipment.
Usually the profitability is at least 15%, but it happens that it reaches 80-100%. Large investments in technical equipment pay off within 2-3 years. But usually the payback period is within 1 year.

To create a successful enterprise, it is necessary to apply a thoughtful business plan, which you can get by placing an order on this site.