How to open a coffee and tea shop

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Tea and coffee are the favorite drinks with which the inhabitants of our country usually start the day. Most people do not limit themselves to a morning cup, so consumption of these products has a constant level, which rises slightly during the cold season.

A huge number of tea and coffee buyers, stable demand suggest the idea of ​​opening a specialized store.
Even a novice entrepreneur can create a business in this area and open a coffee and tea shop. Such a store does not require large areas, complex logistics and a large number of staff. To open it, 15 — 20 square meters is enough. meters of retail space and a small utility room.

The only requirement in this case is the absence of excessive moisture and dampness, since the specificity of the product requires special storage conditions.
The format of such a store can be very different. The simplest option is an ordinary tea shop that sells loose and packaged tea. The most difficult is the combination of a tea shop with a tasting module, where visitors can try different types of drinks or just drink tea or coffee with cakes.
The only requirement is to create a high turnover due to attendance.

This condition will be met if the store is located in a busy place, for example, in a shopping center or close to the central streets of the city.
Trade equipment is also selected depending on the format of the store.

For a simple option, three or four closed and open showcases, electronic scales, a cash register and beautiful containers that store different varieties of tea and coffee are enough. Very often, tea and coffee shops sell related products — teapots, tea and coffee sets, mills, strainers, sweets, etc. A fairly high trade margin is usually set for this entire assortment, so this product can provide a good additional income, especially since people often come to such stores for gifts.

The success of such a store is highly dependent on its decent design and the availability of beautiful packaging material.

In this regard, especially at the first stage, franchise stores often win, as they receive ready-made interior designs, and often the bulk of decor elements, shop equipment and packaging. In addition, the issue with suppliers will be immediately resolved, which is quite difficult for beginners. Naturally, you have to pay for this, but for aspiring entrepreneurs who do not have their own experience, this form of store may be the best option.

As for the economic part, when opening a tea and coffee shop, you should be guided by a business plan , which, by the way, you can order from us. It will provide accurate calculations and make recommendations based on the specific conditions in which you start your business.

On average, it takes about one and a half thousand dollars to open a coffee and tea shop.
About half of this amount will be spent on the repair and decoration of the premises, about 300 thousand — on commercial equipment, and the rest on the purchase of goods. When opening a franchise store, additional costs may be added to this amount.

The profitability of the coffee and tea business is, in the presence of good sales, from 15 to 30%.

These are quite high figures, which are associated with a high trade margin for a number of goods in this group. It is realistic to recoup investments in opening a store with such profitability in about a year.