How to open a draft beer shop

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The favorite drink of many Russians, beer, does not lose its popularity over time, but only finds new fans, especially in the hot summer. Moreover, most real beer lovers prefer to drink the so-called live beer, which is usually sold on tap, as it has a limited shelf life. According to experts, at least 11-15% of the total volume of beer is sold on tap, and this is a huge market to make interesting to many entrepreneurs.
The markup on most beers reaches 100%, except for expensive imported varieties.
Therefore, the desire to open a draft beer shop arises not only among those who like to drink a refreshing drink, but also among those who want to earn money. True, it must be taken into account that the consumption of beer, like other refreshing drinks, is seasonal, so in the winter, the store, at best, will only pay for its maintenance costs. However, in the summer, the profit of such a store will cover all the losses of the cold season.
It makes sense to open a draft beer store in residential areas where the main consumers are concentrated.
It makes little sense to open such a store among office buildings, since the drink is bought on tap, mainly for home consumption. However, when choosing a room, it should be borne in mind that such a store should not be located in a residential building, since this will surely cause complaints from residents. In principle, such stores are often located in supermarkets or large stores, but the rent in them often greatly reduces the profitability of the business.
Since beer lovers have different tastes, a beer store should sell at least 7-10 different types of drink.
More advanced stores sell up to 30 varieties, but you need to be sure that the store is able to sell such volumes in a short time. After all, live beer has a limited shelf life, usually no more than 7 days, after which it is simply poured out, since sour beer is the worst thing that can permanently ruin the reputation of the store and completely ruin the business.

When opening a store, an accurate economic calculation , a good business plan and an honest marketing research are very important .

The area of ​​the store can be quite modest. For the sale of 10 beers, 10 square meters is enough. However, of course, more space should be provided for customers, especially if the beer is sold not only on tap in a bottle, but also offered to try in glasses.

Creating conditions for customers, when they can immediately taste the beer, requires additional costs, the obligatory availability of a toilet, and special sanitary requirements. It is often more profitable to place a pub next to the store, using a single opportunity for consumers.
The right choice of suppliers is very important when opening a draft beer store.
Guessing the tastes of drink lovers is very difficult, because, depending on the location, they can be very different, so researching in advance can help in this matter. Beginning entrepreneurs often limit themselves to selling beer from one supplier, as this allows them to significantly reduce their initial investment by receiving equipment from a partner. On the other hand, it reduces the customer base, so you need to be sure to choose the right supplier in this regard.

In terms of equipment, it will cost about half a million dollars to purchase if you trade in most popular varieties, so this will require kegs, a cooler, a rack with taps, a beer column, gas bottles and reducers, a refrigerator for snacks, etc. If the beer is supposed to be poured into glasses, then separate beer taps and a counter will be needed.
By the way, the sale of snacks and snacks for beer can become a separate income item for a beer store, since the markup on this product is high, and it is readily bought as an accompanying product.
In general, the cost of opening a draft beer store can be estimated at about one and a half to three million dollars, depending on the scale of the business and the cost of repairing the premises.

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