How to open a building materials store

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Building materials always remain in demand, even in times of crisis, since, at least, repairs are constantly required .

Therefore, opening a building materials store can become a source of real wealth for many years to come.
However, the sale of building materials has one peculiarity: as a rule, such materials occupy a large volume, and their sale requires large areas.
You can, of course, open a small store selling highly specialized building products, such as wallpaper or fasteners. But in this case, one cannot count on high turnover: after all, during construction or repair, people prefer to buy everything in one place, and not go to small retail outlets.
This leads to the conclusion about the need for large initial investments in opening a building materials store.
Experience shows that for a successful launch of a hardware store, you need an area of ​​​​at least 200 square meters, plus a warehouse of approximately the same area. In this case, trading turnover will allow you to gradually recoup your investment and start making a profit. It is clear that retail space alone is not enough. It is important to place the store in a good place and properly organize the business.

The initial cost of opening a building materials store, depending on the area and location of the store, can be estimated at 300-500 thousand dollars. You can reduce the cost of repairing and equipping the store by choosing the form of a store-warehouse for your business. In this case, it is enough to build or rent a hangar and install racks for displaying goods.
However, such warehouses, as a rule, are engaged in wholesale and small wholesale sales of goods to construction companies, and the level of markup on goods is lower.
Retail trade in building materials is more profitable, since the circle of potential buyers is wider and the markup on goods is higher. But in this case, usually large funds are frozen in the product. And for the purchase of a new product, you have to take loans, which sharply worsen the economy of the enterprise. To minimize the risks of opening a building materials store, you must adhere to a competent business plan.

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