How to open a gas station?

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The gas station business consistently shows high profitability, since the growth in the number of cars practically guarantees an increase in demand for gas station services.

Therefore, for many start-up entrepreneurs, the question of how to open a gas station remains relevant. And the demand for this business idea is confirmed by all the new filling stations that appear along the roads.

Franchise vs self-employment

The opening of a gas station can be implemented in two different ways: you can build your own gas station, or you can open a gas station through a franchise.
Since the gas station belongs to high-risk facilities, opening it will require a solid package of documentation, which you will have to order yourself.
In addition, a lot of preparatory work will still have to be done, from the design and construction of a filling station to the search for reliable fuel suppliers.

All these problems are removed if you open a gas station on a franchise

The franchisor, as a rule, provides a full package of necessary documentation and advises on the procedure for obtaining permits from supervisory authorities. In addition, it is much more profitable to open gas stations under a well-known brand: most motorists have long chosen their brand and tend to refuel at gas stations they know.

The quality of fuel for the client is much more important than the original design of an unknown gas station.

Initial investment in gas stations

Opening a gas station cannot be attributed to business ideas with zero investment.
The cost of investing in a gas station ranges from 15-20 thousand dollars.
After all, it is necessary to ensure compliance with safety and environmental requirements, obtain permits and licenses, carry out work on the construction and equipment of gas stations.
The main condition for the profitability of a gas station, of course, will be its favorable location and convenient access.
However, we must not forget about competitors, so the choice of the location of the future location of the gas station must be taken with all responsibility. Moreover, buying or renting a land plot is only half the battle. The main thing is to coordinate the construction of filling stations with the authorized bodies.

What do you need to purchase to run a gas station?

As for equipment, investments in its purchase and installation will depend on the size and capacity of the gas station itself.

1) At the very least, separate tanks for different types of fuel and a corresponding number of dispensers for them are needed.

2) In addition, you will need an emergency fuel transfer tank and a storm system.

3) You will also need many other necessary things, ranging from fire extinguishing systems to software that guarantees the automation of refueling and payment.

We add that a small cafe or shop , car service , tire fitting and other services have already become familiar in combination with a gas station .

Therefore, to implement the gas station business idea, it is necessary to prepare a detailed business plan with all the necessary calculations.

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