How to start a rabbit breeding business

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The rabbit breeding business is profitable, pays off quickly and is quite competitive. However, starting a rabbit breeding business has its own characteristics and risks.

It makes sense to engage in this type of business in rural areas, having your own private house and a fairly large plot of land.

Breeding pets is possible only if the conditions of keeping and the availability of feed are observed. An important role is also played by the availability of skills in caring for animals, knowledge of their needs and behavioral patterns. The main risk for the entrepreneur is the emergence of an epidemic and the extinction of animals.
The key conditions for the success of this business idea are the presence of a sales market, correct economic calculations and skillful management.
Even having your own experience in raising rabbits does not guarantee the success of an enterprise if it is created without a plan and preliminary marketing research. Rabbits are highly prolific and often have offspring. This high performance allows you to count on a quick return on investment. However, this also requires a reliable market. Therefore, before starting to organize your own company, you should find out the possibilities of selling meat to retail chains.
Another activity of the rabbit breeding enterprise is the production and sale of rabbit skins.
Although their cost is not high, however, if there is a market, the income from their sale can cover part of the costs of keeping rabbits. Therefore, the second part of the market research results should be the creation of channels for the sale of rabbit fur. The ideal option is to sell rabbit skins to entrepreneurs involved in the manufacture of fur products.

To keep rabbits, it is necessary to create normal conditions for their life and reproduction. Since rabbits do not tolerate dampness, one should responsibly approach the construction of cages or aviaries for their maintenance. Enclosures should be closed at the top and sides to protect rabbits from dampness and moisture. It is even better if the rabbits are bred indoors using a shed system.

The shed system involves the placement of rabbits in two-tiered cages, which provide conditions for feeding and quick cleaning. As a rule, with such a system, the cages are installed in two tiers along the walls of the room, and a passage is left between them.
Such a system requires more investment than keeping rabbits in the open, but practically guarantees health, rapid reproduction and a steady income.
In addition to the premises for keeping animals, it is necessary to provide containers for collecting rabbit manure, which, by the way, can be a source of additional income if sold to summer residents as fertilizer. The rabbit farm should also have a separate room for slaughtering animals. This room must be equipped in accordance with the requirements of the sanitary authorities, otherwise it will be difficult to obtain the conclusion of the sanitary inspection for the sale of meat. Another room of the rabbit farm should be designed to store feed. It should provide optimal conditions for storing feed and be large enough to create the necessary stocks.

It is clear that the creation of all these premises requires initial costs. Depending on the planned production volumes, these costs can range from 100 thousand to a million dollars. The farm can recoup these costs within 1-2 years, since the profitability of the rabbit farm is quite high, subject to the availability of a sales market.

The running costs of a rabbit farm consist mainly of the cost of purchasing feed, electricity and water costs, veterinary services, and transportation costs.

The creation of a highly profitable rabbit breeding farm is possible only under the condition of skillful management and accurate calculations. Therefore, an entrepreneur should act from the first steps according to a pre-prepared plan, taking into account every penny of costs.

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