How to open a private school?

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Opening a private school is not a suitable business idea for people who want to get rich on their own.

The maximum that can be achieved by opening a private school is to achieve a level of profitability by providing a stable salary for yourself and your employees. However, these days it means a lot.

A private school in Russia can only exist in the form of a non-profit educational institution (NOE)

This means that such an institution does not have the right to create profit in the course of its activities, all money must be directed to education. This is all the more relevant because in most cases, private schools have to constantly look for means of subsistence. As a rule, cash receipts to the budget of a private school come mainly from sponsors. This is due to the fact that the current parental fee is not able to cover all the expenses of the NOU. An exception may be elite educational institutions, in which the monthly fee can exceed $ 1,000 per month. However, the level of expenses in such schools is much higher.

By the way, the risks are also higher, since the loss of even a few students can have a fatal effect on the activities of such a school. This leads to the fact that the children of wealthy parents become practically uncontrollable, which, in turn, inevitably reduces the level of requirements, and, hence, the quality of education.

The key issue of opening a private school is the search for reliable sponsors that can cover most of the expenses of the NOU.

To do this, it is necessary to conduct ongoing marketing research, seek support in the media and engage in advertising of the educational institution.

It is very important for a private school to have its own effective teaching methodology.

It is the effectiveness of knowledge that is the cornerstone on which the building of a private school is erected. The fact is that more than half of the NOUs do not have state accreditation. Typically, graduates of a private school take the final test as an external student and receive a state-recognized certificate on behalf of the public school.

This is due to the difficulty of obtaining accreditation, because for this the NOU must make at least three graduations with 50% positive attestation of students.

Before implementing the project of opening a private school, it is better to calculate its payback. In order to calculate the payback of your business idea, you can follow this link:

Nevertheless, most private schools in Russia continue to exist, provide excellent education for children and employ teachers. From a business point of view, a private school is quite difficult to manage. Indeed, in order not to have problems with the tax authorities, the balance of the enterprise at the beginning of each reporting period should be at least zero. This requires special clarity in the conduct of economic activities and planning.