How to open a computer club?

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Computer clubs are becoming less and less with the development of mobile technology, as it has become possible to access the Internet anywhere and at any time.

However, this means that competition in this type of business is decreasing every year. Therefore, the chances of making money at the opening of a computer club increase.

Clients are the head of everything!

The main and necessary condition for the implementation of the computer club business idea is the presence of customers. There will be customers, there will be income. Therefore, the implementation of the idea must begin with the search for potential customers. They can be pupils, students, visitors, that is, everyone who may need the services of a computer club.

Why do customers go to a computer club?

The list of services must also be approached responsibly.

1) First of all, this is high-speed Internet access, which is more comfortable than accessing from mobile devices.

2) Secondly, this is, of course, a set of popular online computer games.

3) And, thirdly, this is a full range of office services, such as color and black-and-white printouts of texts, scanning, laminating, using application programs.
It is great if the employees of a computer club, moreover, are qualified to help clients in other matters, for example, recover data on a flash drive or hard drive, conduct an anti-virus scan, and so on.
With a little extra effort and investment, you can create an Internet cafe option on the basis of a computer club .

Choosing a room for a computer club

To open a computer club, you need to choose and equip the premises correctly. It is best if it is located near educational institutions, but not in a residential building. This is due to the fact that many customers prefer to visit the computer club at night, and this may cause complaints from residents.

The premises of the future club must comply with the requirements of the supervisory authorities in terms of sanitation and safety, so the need for obtaining permits must be taken into account when preparing it.
You need to have at least 15 computers for clients to generate profitable revenue.

Initial investment in computer club equipment

1) Computers must be modern enough to enable players to play new games. This will be a significant part of the initial costs when opening a computer club.

2) No less expensive will be the acquisition of licensed software. This is a very important detail that will be checked by the supervisory authorities.

3) Naturally, other equipment will be required to ensure the operation of the local network and communication with the provider.

4) It will be necessary to purchase furniture, as well as an air conditioning system for the room.
The total initial cost of opening a computer club can be estimated at half a million to a million dollars.

Current expenses

Current costs will consist of:

  • rent and utility bills,
  • payment for a high-speed channel to the Internet,
  • purchasing consumables,
  • equipment repair costs.

In addition, a significant part of the costs will be staff salaries, since for round-the-clock work it is necessary to hire at least 3-4 administrators.
Income will depend on the availability of customers, so advertising costs cannot be avoided.
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