How to open foreign language courses?

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Foreign language teaching systems are far from perfect. Despite many years of teaching a foreign language at school, a few graduates are able to communicate in this language in a decent way.

Therefore, the idea of ​​opening foreign language courses as additional education comes to the mind of many specialists.

A license is required for educational activities

However, to implement such a business idea in practice is not so easy. First of all, in order to open foreign language courses, it is necessary to obtain a license for educational activities and register a non-profit educational institution — NOU.
This is quite difficult to do, since it is necessary to fulfill a number of legal requirements regarding premises, qualifications of workers, and so on.
That is, in order to open foreign language courses in the form of LOU, you must first incur serious costs for renting and equipping the premises, hire workers and conclude employment contracts with them, pay them wages, pay for the medical examination and obtain medical books. All this immediately puts the enterprise beyond the margin of profitability, since serious expenses are not covered by any income.

Alternative option — IP

Therefore, most specialists in the field of learning foreign languages ​​prefer to work as individual entrepreneurs.
Legislation allows not to obtain an educational license in the case of individual pedagogical activity.
However, in this case, business efficiency immediately drops, since the number of trainees is limited, which means that there are restrictions on the development and growth of income.

It is not uncommon for several individual entrepreneurs to get together and create some kind of course, from a formal point of view, being engaged in individual activities. Of course, from the point of view of the law, this is a violation, but this rather indicates the imperfection of the legislation than malicious intent.

Where to get clients?

Another problem of foreign language courses as a business is the lack of students. The size of our country often makes the Russian language self-sufficient. Foreign languages ​​are required by a rather limited number of people. Therefore, the demand for course services, especially in small towns, is low.
Basically, foreign languages ​​are taught by people who are going to move to another country, looking for work in foreign companies or seeking to obtain additional qualifications.
You can also add to them people who often travel abroad and feel a lack of knowledge of the language.

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How to make this business profitable?

Therefore, the profitability of foreign language courses is highly dependent on whether the enterprise will be able to recruit enough students to recoup the cost of renting the premises and salaries of teachers.
We also note that many students want to receive a certificate confirming the completion of courses and advanced training.
This forces the organizers to still register the NOU with all the additional costs for its creation.

In order to open foreign language courses and turn them into a profitable business, you must first conduct market research and carefully plan your actions.

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