How to open a summer cafe

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Although the opening of a summer cafe belongs to the seasonal business of the warm season, you need to start preparing for it even in winter. This is due to the lengthy procedure for obtaining permits and paperwork. As a rule, city administrations begin to consider organizing summer cafes closer to spring. But by this time, it is necessary to prepare a whole list of documents, select a suitable land plot, prepare a project, and so on.

Opening a summer cafe is a very profitable business that brings a good income in a short period and does not require huge initial costs.

A well-located cafe can bring 100-200 thousand rubles. per month, and fully pays for the costs in the first month of work. The attractiveness of the summer cafe is also in the fact that the equipment purchased and the experience gained during the season can be used with the same success in the next season, already receiving almost a net profit.
The most difficult stage of opening a summer cafe is the coordination of the project and obtaining permission from the city administration.
Several entrepreneurs usually apply for profitable places to open a cafe, so you have to participate in a kind of competition. Therefore, it is necessary to choose in advance the location of the summer cafe, to coordinate this place in the land department of the administration.
Often, the location of a cafe on the territory belonging to another owner, for example, in mini-markets, near shopping centers, turns out to be successful.
In this case, obtaining a permit is somewhat simplified, but it will still be necessary to go through a series of approvals. To do this, you will need to prepare a sketch of the project of the future cafe. Since one of the main products of a summer cafe is the sale of beer, it is worth trying to conclude an agreement with a beer distributor for the summer period. In this case, the distributor can provide for use, for the season, their own equipment, tents, umbrellas, with the condition that the entrepreneur will sell certain brands of beer. Often, distributors also provide a ready-made sketch, which simplifies the approval process.
By the way, at the approval stage, it will be necessary to determine in advance the range of goods sold, since this range also needs to be approved by Rospotrebnadzor.
Usually the assortment includes drinks, cold snacks, pastries or barbecue, tobacco products. Depending on the range, it is necessary to purchase equipment. If the cafe is limited to selling beer and snacks such as chips, dried fish and nuts, then equipment costs are minimal. For cooking barbecue you will need a refrigerator, barbecue grill, microwave.
However, visitors to a summer cafe, as a rule, would like to get a larger selection of snacks, so making pizza or other products from frozen semi-finished products turns out to be very profitable. To do this, you must already purchase the appropriate equipment and kitchen utensils.

As for furniture, inexpensive plastic furniture is usually installed in a summer cafe. Naturally, you will additionally have to attend to the installation of a dry closet, since without this it is unlikely that permission will be obtained.

The initial costs of creating a summer cafe can be significantly reduced if you use the capabilities of partners. We have already mentioned that tents, tents, umbrellas, often even tabletops and equipment for bottling live beer, can be obtained free of charge from beer distributors. You can also negotiate with the sellers of soft drinks to install special refrigerators during the summer cafe. But, in any case, the cost of equipment will cost from one to twenty thousand dollars.

The current costs of a summer cafe mainly depend on the duration of work. A significant part is the cost of wages, utilities, rent.

The profitability of a summer cafe is usually at least 30-35%. Income pays for the initial costs within one to one and a half months. However, such profitability can only be achieved by acting consciously and systematically.

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