How to open a fish farm

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Many people who lead a healthy lifestyle prefer fish in their menu to meat. After all, it is known that most centenarians are in countries with an increased consumption of fish and seafood.

Therefore, the demand for fish is constantly growing. Prices are also rising. Meanwhile, the planet’s fish stocks are depleted. Therefore, the business idea of ​​creating a fish farm in the future will become more and more popular. Fresh fish will always be a desirable product.

However, the implementation of the business idea of ​​​​fish farming cannot be called simple. Like any production, it requires a well-developed business plan and accurate calculations. After all, fish farming is associated with many risk factors.
Nevertheless, the benefits of fish breeding are obvious: by growing adult fish from fry, you can get a huge weight gain and corresponding income.

You need to start creating a fish farm with marketing research.

First, you need to study demand and competition, so as not to look for options for selling fish at a loss later. Secondly, choose a reservoir for breeding fish. And thirdly, check the suitability of the reservoir and water for breeding fish. It is better to entrust the last study to specialists, since the success of your business will depend on the viability of the fish.

It is advisable to get an opinion from specialists on the types of fish that should be bred in this reservoir. It can be carp, crucian carp, silver carp, grass carp and so on. For breeding, you need to choose fish species that are resistant to diseases and able to live and breed in local conditions.

It is very important in the fish farming business to provide the fish with enough oxygen and proper nutrition.
The most common mistake novice entrepreneurs make is buying fry and launching them into the first pond they come across.
Often such a business ends in the death of fish and ruin. The pond should be large enough to slowly warm up and cool down. A large mass of water will provide a smooth change in temperature and comfortable conditions for the growth of fish. Sometimes, with a large concentration of fish, it is necessary to equip the reservoir with an additional aeration system to saturate the water with oxygen.

In terms of nutrition, without well-chosen feed, fish will grow too slowly for business. Here again, it is desirable to get the advice of experts.
By the way, the cost of purchasing feed will be a significant part of current costs.
As for the initial costs, they can be estimated in the amount of 600 thousand to a million dollars, excluding the cost of arranging the reservoir. After all, it is necessary, first of all, to buy fry. The cost of fry depends on the breed and size. The smaller the fry, the higher the cost per kilogram of fry. After all, their number in one kilogram depends on this, and, therefore, the future increase in income.

As for the cost of arranging a reservoir, they can amount to millions and tens of thousands of dollars, especially if the reservoir is equipped with modern lock cages for separate rearing of fry of different ages and water aeration.

The real profit from the fish farming business begins only after one and a half to two years, when the fish has gained enough weight for commercial sale. True, you can speed up income generation by organizing paid fishing . But even in this case, additional costs will be required to create comfortable conditions for anglers.

To ensure a quick profitability of a business, you need to act according to a clear action plan and calculate every ruble of costs.

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