How to open a tattoo parlor?

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The popularity of artistic tattoos is growing among young people every year. Therefore, opening a tattoo parlor is a promising area for small businesses.


The attractiveness of this business idea also lies in the fact that it does not require large funds to create a tattoo parlor, even novice entrepreneurs can do it.

However, the implementation of this business idea should begin with market research to determine the level of demand for tattoo services and the presence of competition in the immediate environment.

Competitors can be placed not only in separate rooms, but also in the premises of beauty salons, hairdressers, massage parlors. Therefore, it is necessary to go around or at least call all these places and find out if tattoos and piercings are on the list of services.

It is advisable to open a tattoo parlor just in the vicinity of specialized establishments that do not provide art tattoo services.

Often successful is the tattoo business, opened under the same roof with a beauty salon or fitness center . The room for a tattoo parlor can be quite small.

When choosing a room, you need to take into account sanitary standards, which require at least 12 square meters per workplace. So for a salon with one workplace, a room of 15-20 square meters is enough, and with two — 25-35 square meters. meters.

But when preparing the premises, other sanitary requirements must be observed:

  • the presence of all washable surfaces of the cabin, including walls, ceiling and floor;
  • separate places for storing clean linen and napkins;
  • storage room for cleaning equipment.

There should still be room for equipment, a display case with samples, and a small reception area.

So, to place a tattoo parlor, it is convenient to use a two-room apartment on the ground floor or re-equip a large room of 30-40 square meters.

Before implementing the project of opening a tattoo parlor, it is better to calculate its payback. In order to calculate the payback of your business idea, you can follow this link:

The cost of equipment depends on the list of services. As a rule, one or two tattoo machines, two special chairs, a permanent makeup machine, and sometimes an ultrasonic bath are purchased for a tattoo parlor. If the salon provides tattoo removal services, then laser equipment will also be required for this. The cost of equipment for a tattoo parlor ranges from 100 to 500 thousand dollars, depending on the set and quality.

It must also be remembered that in order to provide tattoo services, you will need to obtain a license for surgical cosmetology, which will cost about 20 thousand dollars. And for this you need to register an enterprise or business.

The most important condition for opening a tattoo parlor is the availability of qualified masters.

The reputation and popularity of the salon, and, therefore, the profitability of the institution will depend on their art and accuracy.

You can bring a tattoo parlor to profitability and achieve a quick payback only if you have a good business plan , which can be ordered on our website. Such a plan will be prepared by qualified specialists for your specific conditions with all the necessary calculations.