How to open a web studio?

Business ideas by directions

It is simply indecent for almost any enterprise not to have a website these days. Everyone should have at least a business card site.

And many corporate sites made a few years ago are simply outdated. Therefore, the demand for web studio services is constantly growing.

The website is your online office

Moreover, most companies and entrepreneurs have already realized that the bulk of advertising, and often sales, have already moved to the Internet, since most consumers are looking for information about goods and services there. There is a need not just for business card sites, but for selling sites that are developed specifically for these purposes. And this is the work of professionals.

Creating a web studio can be attributed to business ideas that do not require large initial investments. However, high competition and the specifics of the work of web studios require careful planning and skillful marketing steps.

The first thing to do!

To open a web studio, you must first select the target buyer. This will immediately allow you to determine the list of specialists who will need to be recruited into the staff of the studio. And this will make it possible to plan the necessary resources and form a portfolio.

1. Specialization

At the initial stage, you should not try to cover all customers with your offers. It is better to specialize in some not too wide area, for example, in creating online stores, or websites for travel companies. This will allow you to work out the nuances of working with clients and prepare a good portfolio, which will become the basis of negotiations with customers.

Specialization will give an idea of ​​the list of services that the web studio will offer clients. Here, too, one should not strive to embrace the immensity, to do everything in a row.
For example, you can limit yourself to developing design, developing scripts, or adapting sites to accounting programs.
A new web studio should not spend time and effort on site promotion and content content, third-party specialists can be involved in this. And, moreover, you should not waste time creating small sites for individuals. Except for a decent reward.


Based on the specialization, you can determine the list of specialists who will work in the web studio on an ongoing basis, and who can be involved on the principle of freelance or one-time contracts. By the way, it is freelancing at first that will be the basis for fulfilling most orders. However, it should be taken into account that the use of involved specialists increases the risks of meeting the terms of the order and the quality of execution. Moreover, at this stage, it is necessary to introduce strict planning and management.

Starting investments

As for the initial investment in opening your own web studio, they are small.

1) First of all, you need to register the status of a legal entity or an entrepreneur, otherwise you will not be able to work with corporate clients without a current account.

2) Next, you need to invest in creating your own website, which will also be the first sample for the portfolio. This will also require some money, in any case, to register a domain, purchase hosting and an engine for the site.

3) The purchase of equipment and rental of premises is also not worth doing at the first stage. As a rule, the specialists who will form the core of the future web studio have their own computers and prefer to work at home. The main thing is to provide them with access to the Internet.

4) But, as income grows, office rent and equipment of stationary workstations will be required.

Firstly, to be able to invite corporate clients, and secondly, to better control the working hours of employees and meeting deadlines.

Current expenses

Current expenses will consist of advertising costs, communication costs, wages for permanent employees and freelancers, taxes. In the future, expenses for office rent, utilities, etc. will be added.

Economic efficiency of the project

Web studio income will depend on the volume and quality of orders. The profitability of this type of business is high enough to recoup the initial costs within the first year. And further development will depend on how detailed the business plan is and how carefully it is implemented.

On our website you can order all the necessary calculations and a ready-made web studio business plan , which will be performed by qualified economists. This will help to avoid mistakes and unnecessary costs and quickly bring the web studio to profit.