Opening of a billiard club

Business ideas by directions

The game of billiards is loved by many people. But billiards is more than a game. This is an opportunity to communicate, and communicate with people of about the same circle.

That is why billiard players willingly visit billiard clubs, and that is why the billiard club business idea most often turns out to be fruitful and profitable.

The implementation of this, like any other business idea , should begin with marketing research and the subsequent preparation of a business plan. Before starting a new business, you need to be sure of its successful completion. And this confidence can only be given by complete information and accurate calculations.

It is necessary to identify the needs of potential customers and the level of competition.

The target visitor of the billiard club, as a rule, is a successful and accomplished person who relieves stress in the club in the evenings after a day of intensive work. Therefore, in the club it is necessary to create comfortable conditions conducive to relaxation and communication. If this cannot be achieved, then customers will go to competitors, even if they have to go to another area.

It is also important to choose the right location for the billiard club.

Most of the clients come to the club after work. Therefore, it is most profitable to place a billiard club in the business part of the city, but not on the main streets, but on the side streets. You can also place the club in a residential area, but this will significantly affect the composition of customers and revenue.
The fact is that a significant share of the revenue of the billiard club is brought by booze and snacks. Naturally, hungry people after work consume more snacks and drinks than people who come to the club from home.
On the other hand, the rent for premises in residential areas is much lower than in the city center. That is why the profitability of the club will largely depend on a good business plan and preliminary calculations.

The premises of the club should be spacious enough so that the players do not interfere with each other and feel quite comfortable. When calculating the number of tables, you need to proceed from the need for space of about 30-35 square meters per table. It is also necessary to provide space for the kitchen, bar, wardrobe and office space.

The main part of the initial costs when creating a billiard club will be for the renovation of the premises and the purchase of equipment, furniture, utensils, and so on.

The quality of billiard tables is the face of the club, a critical condition for its competitiveness.

Therefore, it makes little sense to buy tables cheaper than 100-150 thousand dollars. Approximately, the initial costs of opening a club can be estimated at 2-4 million dollars. However, much depends on the size of the room and the number of tables.

Operating costs will consist of rent, utility bills, staff salaries, expenses for the purchase of food and drinks, repairing tables, and so on.

Experience shows that the billiard club’s income can recoup the initial costs within one to one and a half years. However, the real profitability of the club will depend on its attendance, proper business building and accurate calculations.