Solarium opening

Business ideas by directions

Despite the warnings of doctors about the dangers of tanning, the solarium business idea has remained in demand for many years.

After all, sunburn is associated in our understanding with a healthy lifestyle, fresh air, relaxation and grooming.

What is the best way to implement this business idea?

Demand for solarium services remains stable, rising in winter and spring.
However, the implementation of a solarium business idea should be considered as an additional business to the existing one.
Indeed, the main consumers of the services of such establishments are mainly women who take care of their appearance and regularly visit beauty salons and fitness clubs .

Despite the fact that the procedure of artificial tanning takes a few minutes, there are few people who want to spend time on visiting the solarium separately from other services. But as an additional service, many people want to get a small fraction of artificial tan.

Therefore, it is very profitable to open a solarium as part of, or at least in the same room with a fitness club , swimming pool, gym, beauty salon or massage establishment .
In this case, you can seriously save on renting a room, as you can reduce the size of the locker room, or even do without it.

How to choose a room for a beauty salon?

In the case of opening a solarium in a separate room, it is necessary to conduct a very conscientious marketing research in order to identify a suitable area to attract target customers.

In addition, you will have to obtain all necessary permits from supervisory authorities to open a salon. And for this, it is necessary to carry out repairs in compliance with all requirements, provide power supply, equip parking for cars, and so on.
It will be very difficult to reach profitability after all these costs.

Project implementation costs

However, in any case, to open a solarium, you need a good business plan. After all, the cost of solarium equipment is quite high.

To create a profitable enterprise, you will need at least 2-3 horizontal and vertical types of apparatus. Moreover, vertical solariums are becoming more and more popular, and their cost is growing.

When choosing equipment, it is also desirable to pay attention to the presence of electromagnetic or electronic ballast functions. Lamps in such devices last many times longer than in conventional ones, which reduces ongoing maintenance costs.
However, the cost of such solariums ranges from one to two tens of thousands of dollars.
Experience shows that opening a solarium in a good location allows you to recoup the initial costs within one year. After all, one device is able to generate income of about $ 1,000 per month.

Fast profitability is possible only with the most accurate planning.