Why ads don’t work?

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The advertisement is engine of the trade. This expression is already known even to children in kindergarten. But does advertising always work?

Often there are situations when a lot of money is invested in advertising, which ultimately does not bring new customers to the business. And a legitimate question arises: why does advertising not work?

Imagine a life situation

You have recently started your business. You did everything according to the rules:

  • rented a space
  • made repairs,
  • hired employees
  • purchased goods or materials (depending on the type of activity),
  • ordered advertising

Why is your ad not working? Why is your ad not working?
But there is one problem: not enough buyers
Why your advertising does not work. Why is your ad not working?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs think about everything when creating a business, but not about sales. Although, of course, they also think about sales. And what do you think of them? When everything is fine, sales will start by themselves! You just need to buy advertising, launch it everywhere: on the radio, on TV, in the newspaper.

Why is your ad not working? Why is your ad not working?
So it turns out that the only straw that a start-up business grabs at is advertising.
Why your advertising does not work. Why is your ad not working?

What business do you have? Maybe trucking, taxis, hairdressers, repairs, selling clothes? There may be hundreds or thousands of options. And despite this diversity, is it possible to say that your business is the only one on the market, that you have no competitors?

An example from my life when an ad could not work

Once I needed to buy spare parts for a car. Since I was a new person in this city and did not yet have established connections, I decided to turn to a familiar driver with the question: where is it better to buy spare parts? He directed me to one of the stores in the city.

I went to this store. By the way, the advertising at the store was good: an external sign, advertising on billboards, on the radio. All this I found out later.

Arriving at the store, I waited for a while while two sales assistants «sorted out» with the previous customer. And after a while it was my turn.

However, when I asked if I could order my spare part, they answered me something like this:

Why ads don’t work. Why ads don’t work.
No, we will not search and order your spare part, because the spare parts catalog that is used for your brand of car is very complicated, and we are too lazy to dig into it.
Why ads don’t work. Why ads don’t work.

They answered, of course, more politely, but the meaning of this did not change in any way — they just “kicked me off”.

I was somewhat surprised and somewhat offended by such a statement from a “verified” auto shop. And I wondered where the right spare part can be bought yet.

And then my eyes were opened: in a city of 100 thousand people there were at least 20 fairly large auto parts stores. And it turns out that I had so many options to buy what I needed (this is not counting the opportunities that the Internet offers). Is it worth sticking to one supplier? Of course not!

I immediately called a familiar driver and asked where it was better to go for spare parts. He advised me one shop from the list. Buying what you need without having to listen to the “parts catalog for my car is very complicated” was not difficult at the “new” store.

Now back to the question: why is your ad not working?

Now, let’s get back to advertising. Did the ad at the first parts store I went to work?

Why ads don’t work. Why ads don’t work.
Perhaps your advertising brings customers, but, unfortunately, it does not lead to an increase in sales, as long as the attitude of sellers to work remains negligent.
Why ads don’t work. Why ads don’t work.

Whether your ad works and why your ad doesn’t work depends on a lot of factors. We will consider them in  the next article .

Why ads don’t work. Why ads don’t work.