Production of foam concrete as a business

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Foam concrete is an excellent building material, with its own advantages. First of all, it is low thermal conductivity, high noise insulation. Foam concrete blocks are convenient in construction, as they have a low weight and can be formed to any size. The use of large-sized foam blocks can significantly speed up the construction stages and build warm rooms in a short time. The demand for foam blocks is seasonal, but it also exists in the off-season, especially from construction companies.
The attractiveness of the business for the production of foam blocks lies in the relatively low price of equipment, the simplicity of organizing production.
It is possible to expand the production of foam blocks even in small rooms (from 50 to 100 square meters). Therefore, such a business can be done, including by budding entrepreneurs. Of course, such production has its own characteristics, the consideration of which will help when creating your own business.
Critical for the successful development of the enterprise is the availability of demand.
Therefore, it is first necessary in a marketing study to determine through which sales channels finished products will be sold. It is also necessary to determine how much competitors influence the market, at what price they offer similar products.
It is also necessary to take into account the distance to the consumer, since transportation costs can significantly affect the profitability of the enterprise.

Foam concrete production technology

As for the foam concrete production technology, it is quite simple, although it has various implementation options. So, for example, the main procedure for obtaining foam concrete — foaming the mixture — can be carried out either with the help of steam generators or using a pressure unit. The bar installation simply supplies compressed air to the mixer and, after mixing, the mixture enters the molds for solidification. Foam concrete produced in this way has a low cost, but also lower quality, since the structure of foam concrete becomes coarse and has low strength. The foam concrete production technology with the help of foam generators makes it possible to obtain high-quality foam concrete of high strength, which is in great demand among consumers.

Manufacturing technology of foam blocks

One technology involves the production of foam blocks in finished forms, the other is to obtain large foam blocks with their subsequent sawing into smaller ones.

An interesting business option in the production of foam concrete can be the use of mobile plants for the production of semi-liquid monolithic foam concrete and pouring walls, roofs and floors with a ready mix directly at the construction site.

At the same time, it is possible to avoid the organization of a distribution channel, significantly save on transportation costs, and get high profits by performing the work of one customer. This technology entails the cost of transporting equipment, but these costs are significantly offset by income and convenience. However, the production of foam concrete is quite energy-intensive, and, in the case of work at the customer’s site, it is necessary to make sure in advance that a reliable energy supply is available.
The type of equipment for the production of foam concrete and its cost depend on the choice of technology.
The expected production capacity and set of equipment also have a great influence on initial costs. The most profitable option is to purchase automatic lines for the production of foam blocks, which allow you to organize production in the form of a single technological process.
It is necessary to immediately pay attention to the need to achieve high quality products, since it is very difficult to organize the sale of low-quality foam concrete. Therefore, novice entrepreneurs should not chase the performance of the purchased installations, but start with small volumes in order to work out the technology and get a high-quality end product. It is also necessary to strive to comply with the recommended requirements as accurately as possible so that the produced foam concrete meets quality standards. As a rule, for this it is necessary to observe the temperature regime, so the room for the production of foam concrete must be heated, and the water used in production must be heated.
The costs of organizing production can range from 600,000 to 2.5 thousand dollars, depending on the production capacity, the choice of technology, and the equipment purchased.

The profitability of foam concrete production can reach 50%, which quickly pays off the investment in creating a business. However, attempts to organize production by incompetent entrepreneurs often end in losses and ruin. This is due to a frivolous approach to business and insufficient economic calculations.

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