Production of plastic windows as a business

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Plastic windows have long become familiar on the facades of residential buildings and offices. The vast majority of new buildings are rented out with plastic windows already installed. In many old houses, the usual wooden frames are increasingly being replaced by white and elegant plastic ones. People have long understood that plastic windows are better protected from the wind, perfectly retain heat in the house and are easy to clean.
Business on plastic windows and doors develops simultaneously with the demand for these products.
The specificity of installing plastic windows is that most of them are made to order. This is due to the large variation in the size of window openings during the construction of buildings. Many construction companies and teams specializing in the installation of plastic windows order products from specialized workshops, transferring them the exact dimensions of future windows. Naturally, the demand for window production is constantly growing.
Therefore, as a business idea , it is worth considering the question of how to open the production of plastic windows.
Although finished windows look like factory products, their production does not require large areas or a large production base. It is possible to manufacture plastic windows in small volumes in relatively small rooms by installing the necessary equipment or a ready-made production line. Therefore, the creation of a business for the production of plastic windows is within the power of even novice entrepreneurs.

Production technology

The technology for producing windows from new materials is quite simple. First, the profile is cut to the desired dimensions. This is followed by various profile processing operations: milling drainage channels, drilling holes, welding, cleaning, glazing, hanging reinforcement. To carry out the entire technological chain, you can purchase separate equipment, however, to increase productivity and improve the quality of finished products, it is much easier and more profitable to buy a finished line. The price of such a line, depending on the productivity, ranges from 10 thousand to 20 euros. Such lines allow the production of 10 to 15 windows per shift, which is quite enough to provide work for 2-3 window installation teams.
However, it should be taken into account that this market segment is highly competitive, so starting a business without conductingmarketing research is a very risky business.
To organize the production of windows from artificial materials, it is advisable to first study supply and demand, determine the distribution channels for finished products, sources of components, and conclude a preliminary contract with a team of installers.

One of the options is to create a company that is engaged in both the manufacture of windows and their installation. It is also necessary at the first stage to clearly define the demand for certain types of windows, the price range that consumers are willing to pay for the production of the shop. It is also necessary to decide on the glazing technology, since the set of equipment depends on this.
Most often, small-scale production uses ready-made glass, which eliminates the need for glass cutting and additional equipment costs.
It turns out to be very profitable to conclude contracts with large construction companies or fulfill orders under contracts with budgetary institutions that want to replace windows in office buildings.

To open a small production of plastic windows, you can choose a room with an area of ​​​​200-250 square meters.

True, it is necessary to take into account two important conditions when choosing a room:

  • availability of sufficient power supply;
  • high ceilings, at least 4 meters high.

Pneumatic equipment is used in the production of windows, so it is necessary to place a compressor in or near the room, as well as equip the room with supply and exhaust ventilation. This increases the noise of production, so it is better to create such production away from residential premises, for example, in an industrial area.
An important condition is also the availability of a convenient entrance for loading and unloading finished products and components.
If the enterprise is engaged in the installation of manufactured plastic structures, a separate office should be opened in which product samples will be exhibited and orders from the public and organizations will be accepted. Naturally, renting and equipping an office will entail an increase in initial costs.

In general, the initial costs of setting up the production of plastic windows can be estimated at 1-1.5 million dollars.

The profitability of the production of plastic windows can be estimated at 12-15%, depending on the choice of components and the level of demand. Initial costs, in the presence of a sufficient number of orders, in this type of business pay off in 6-8 months.

The speed of reaching profitability depends on the quality of the business plan that guides entrepreneurs when creating an enterprise.

Ordering a business plan from our specialists, which you can do on our website, will allow you to organize your own business correctly and economically.