Water production as a business

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The need for clean drinking water is growing among the population every year.

If recently it seemed that paying money for ordinary water is just crazy, then today most people prefer to drink purified water and not risk their health.

Water production as a business has huge prospects

Many experts are even predicting wars for clean water as the development of industry pollutes the environment more and more.

However, water production is a business area that is already highly competitive. The business idea of ​​water production seems attractive, since the raw materials for it can be extracted independently, or obtained from an ordinary water supply. Water bottling is also not a problem if you buy ready-made plastic containers from other manufacturers.
However, in reality, the water production business is a complex technological process and is strictly controlled by the state.
Most bottled water manufacturers advertise their water as mountain springs, artesian wells, springs, and so on. However, many use ordinary tap water, passing it through a purification system. However, only truly pure water, tested and approved by special certified laboratories, will be allowed into the market.

Features of «production» of water for sale

1) From this point of view, using tap water is not always the best option.

Despite preliminary purification, such water often contains chlorine and other impurities. Tap water is often taken from open water bodies and requires additional treatment. In addition, Vodokanal will have to pay money for tap water, and these are significant costs that will affect the profitability of the business.

2) The best option is to get water from your own artesian well, especially if you can get water from a clean water horizon.

Naturally, drilling and equipping an artesian well requires certain initial costs, and in any case, water will require purification from excess mineral salts.

Scheme of «production» of water

Water production, as a business, can be represented as a simple scheme.

1) First, an artesian well is equipped and cleaning equipment is purchased.

2) At the same time, equipment for bottled water is purchased and installed, plastic containers are purchased and distribution channels are being searched.

3) In this simple chain, there is one difficult point, which is between the receipt of purified water and the spill.
This item is to obtain permission from the sanitary authorities to sell bottled water.
To obtain such a permit, you need to analyze the water and obtain quality confirmation from a certified laboratory that has the right to give such conclusions.

This is an important point in the water production business, since the laboratory must have a certificate, otherwise the expensive analysis procedure will be completely in vain.
Therefore, before carrying out the initial costs, it is necessary to make sure that the water production project will be profitable, bottled water will be in demand in the distribution network.
The calculation of the profitability of a water production business can be done only after conducting a qualitative marketing research , identifying the level of competition, the demand for bottled water in the distribution network, and the price level for such water.
The market for bottled water is easier to find in large cities, especially if you use the classic scheme of selling bottled water in the offices of enterprises by installing coolers.
This scheme allows you to organize the sale of large volumes of bottled water, receiving a steady income.

Water production, as a business, will become a profitable enterprise only if the marketing research shows the profitability of the enterprise, and a detailed business plan allows you to get the necessary investments for organizing production.