How to start your own business from scratch?

Choosing a business idea

How to create your own business without experience and knowledge? This question is asked by people who are tired of working for someone. Becoming a businessman is easy, it is much more difficult to make a business profitable.

To achieve success, it is necessary to clearly set a goal, define tasks and correctly allocate resources.

Step one. Determine the direction of the business

Every business project starts with an idea, as further actions depend on it.

Decide what you want to do. It is better to choose the type of activity, starting from your own interests. Let’s say

— you have always been attracted to the exact sciences,

— you have a higher economic education,

— Previously, you worked as an accountant.

In this case, you can open a company that provides accounting services.

Remember that work should bring not only profit, but also satisfaction, so carefully analyze your interests.

A lot depends on the market, because it is the customers who will bring you profit. Assess supply and demand, conduct market research .

Having decided to open an outsourcing company, you must:

— get as much information as possible about competitors, that is, find out the prices for their services,

— to determine the number of firms providing similar work;

– find out the number of small companies in your area, as they often turn to freelance accountants for help.

Step two. We evaluate our own capabilities

To understand whether you have enough strength and means, you must know what is required of you.

Each business project requires financial investments, the amount of which depends on the type of activity, region, and your wishes. To do this, write a business plan.

1) If you expect to use the plan only for personal purposes, make it simple and accessible to you;

2) if you plan to raise funds from investors, you need to draw up a business plan in an expanded form, that is, with all kinds of risks, income, expenses, tasks and goals.

Let’s say you decide to open a company that provides accounting services. For this you need:

— rent an office

– buy office furniture and equipment,

— install licensed programs (for example, 1C: Enterprise),

— connect the Internet and telephone with a fax.

This requires funds, the amount of which must be indicated in the business plan. (see articles about start-up capital ).

Having studied the offer of similar services on the market, sketch out an approximate price list.

Based on these rates, complete the chapter «Income» by determining the conditional number of customers. When calculating profits, do not forget about taxes, payments to the FIU.

To promote your company, you need to use the services of advertising agencies. For starters, you can order flyers, business cards. Be sure to create a business card site so that potential customers can get acquainted with your services, rates, etc.

Step three. Let’s move on to action

The opening of any organization begins with the tax service, since it is in these state structures that a legal entity or individual entrepreneur is registered.

1) First, decide who you want to be — an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity:

— If your business is connected with individuals, for example, you decide to open a women’s clothing store, it is advisable to register as an individual entrepreneur.

— If you are directed to work with legal entities, register an LLC.

Each form has its pros and cons.

For example, an individual entrepreneur has simplified accounting, but he is responsible for all actions performed with his own property.

Registration of an LLC is more time-consuming, since a legal entity will have to draw up constituent documents.

2) Having chosen the form, decide on the taxation.

You can write an application for the simplified tax system, UTII, OSNO. But it depends not only on your desire, but also on the code of economic activity that you must choose (for this, use the OKVED reference book ). Remember that you can select multiple categories, but you still have to choose the main one.

3) Register with the Federal Tax Service.

To register an individual entrepreneur, you must contact the tax office at the place of registration; LLC — at the place of rent of office or other premises. Fill in the necessary applications , pay the state duty , make documents (IP — a copy of the passport and TIN certificate, and a legal entity — constituent documents).

4) After receiving the registration, proceed to the main actions.

Purchase furniture, connect appliances, enter into agreements with service companies, for example, those providing communication services, etc.