Selling grilled chickens as a business

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The business of selling grilled chickens is one of the simplest, most profitable and suitable for start-up entrepreneurs. It requires a low initial investment, is based on readily available raw materials, and pays for itself quickly.

The business idea of ​​​​selling grilled chickens is in demand and effective, especially in large cities.

However, this business has its own characteristics, so you should not take it too lightly. Before starting a business, it is worth doing a good market research, drawing up a business plan , and sticking to it as closely as possible. Marketing research should help, first of all, to choose the best place to place a point of sale.

One of the features of grilled chicken is an appetizing smell, which in itself serves as a good advertisement and sales stimulator. For this reason, grilled chicken is usually prepared in any large supermarket — not so much to generate additional revenue, but to whet the appetite of customers. A hungry customer always buys more food than he planned, this is absolutely established.

For this reason, it is almost impossible to place a grilled chicken sales point in such a suitable place as a supermarket. Therefore, the best place would be to place the point of sale in a busy place, at the intersection of traffic and pedestrian flows, where a lot of people pass. Obviously, grilled chicken sales peak in the late afternoon, when hungry customers return from work. If you manage to place a point of sale on their route, we can assume that the success of the enterprise is practically guaranteed.

However, a number of other factors must be taken into account. For example, the fact that the population’s trust in kiosks selling grilled chickens has been significantly undermined by unscrupulous sellers who used rotten chickens as raw materials, which they bought cheaply in grocery stores and warehouses. Therefore, the interior of the establishment itself should promote trust. Signage will be of great importance. Even better, if the point of sale is located under the roof of a reputable institution, canteen or culinary.

The equipment of the premises must comply with sanitary and fire standards, since inspections by supervisory authorities cannot be avoided. It is also necessary to ensure that the cooking processes of grilled chickens are as clear as possible and demonstrate accuracy and cleanliness. To do this, it makes sense to purchase a carousel type device for cooking chickens, which has a large viewing glass.
The main costs of organizing a business will be spent on preparing the premises and purchasing equipment.
Depending on the type of premises and the degree of its readiness, the initial costs can range from several hundred thousand to one and a half thousand dollars. When calculating, one should also not forget about the costs of registering an enterprise and obtaining permits.

Operating costs will consist of rent, utilities, staff salaries, purchases of raw materials and consumables, including packaging and napkins. A profitable addition to the business of selling grilled chickens can be the sale of sets of disposable tableware and packages.

A relatively high margin on the sale of the finished product will contribute to a quick exit to profitability. However, the main factor will still be accurate calculations and proper organization.

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