Dance school as a business

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A dance school is a great opportunity to organize your business without spending a lot of money. People of different ages love to dance, and many would like to learn how to dance better. The dance school opens up truly limitless opportunities to attract customers. Many varieties of modern and classical dances allow you to form groups of different ages and interests. Therefore, the creation of a dance school as a business has every prospect of becoming a profitable business for many years.

The main issue when opening a dance school is the availability of premises and qualified staff.

The premises of the dance school should be large enough and have everything necessary for conducting classes and effective teaching. The room should be equipped with large wall-to-wall mirrors, ballet handrails and well lit. It is also necessary to provide for the presence of locker rooms, rest rooms, toilets and showers.
If an entrepreneur has the opportunity to purchase and equip such a premises from the very beginning, then the business efficiency will be high, despite the initial investment.
This is due to the fact that such a room can be used for teaching groups throughout the day, from the morning classes of children’s groups, and ending with evening classes for adults. To select the location of the dance school, it is necessary to conduct marketing research, determine the level of demand and competition in the immediate environment. The dance school does not have to be located in the city center, but it is desirable to place it close to highways and public transport stops. If the school is located in an inconvenient place that is difficult to reach, then it will be difficult to recruit groups and ensure the full occupancy of the premises.
In principle, a novice entrepreneur who knows how to dance and is ready to teach others to dance can, at the first stages, simply rent a room for group classes at certain hours.
This will avoid the initial investment, but will make the entrepreneur dependent on the owners of the premises, will take a significant part of the income from rent.
The second key issue is the availability of qualified teachers who are ready to teach dance to different groups of clients with different interests.
Of course, it is possible to create a school of a certain type of dance, to recruit groups exclusively for one direction. There are, for example, successful schools of oriental dances, tango, waltzes, salsa. However, it can be quite difficult for such schools to provide a full load of the premises throughout the day, and to receive maximum income. A specialized dance school successfully operates in large cities where a sufficient number of groups can be formed. In small and medium-sized cities, it makes sense to hire several teachers, conduct classes in various types of dance and try to make the most of the school’s facilities.

The initial investment in opening a dance school depends on the availability and degree of equipment of the premises. As a rule, the initial investment in the repair and equipping of the premises is several hundred thousand dollars. The dance school, as a business, is also good because, after the initial investment, it does not require special ongoing costs. True, when planning investments, it is necessary to take into account the necessary costs for registering a business and conducting an advertising campaign.

The dance school’s operating costs will consist primarily of cleaning and renovation costs, staff salaries, utilities and rent.
An additional source of income can be the organization of various competitions, the performance of trained groups at corporate holidays, individual lessons for wealthy clients.
Despite the simplicity of the dance school business, in order to quickly reach profitability, it is necessary to be guided by a detailed and high-quality business plan.

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