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Here you can download several examples of a business plan for obtaining a grant. These business plans are made in strict accordance with the requirements of the Regulations on grant support of the administrations of municipalities in which the competition for a grant was held.
Regulations on grant support are developed by the administrations of regions, territories, municipalities, districts for holding competitions in a particular territory.
This means that the requirements for the execution of business plans for obtaining a grant in various territories of the Russian Federation have:

1) similar features, because grants are issued under a program developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation;

2) significant differences, because Regulations on grant support are developed taking into account the specifics of a particular territory.

What is similar in the requirements for the design of business plans for a grant throughout Russia?

1) The structure of the business plan. The business plan structure includes a standard set of sections. You can read more about the structure of a business plan for a grant in the article: “Business Plan for a Grant”;

2) Directions for spending the grant funds. The investments for which grant funds can be directed are strictly limited by the Grant Support Regulations. This is the purchase of fixed assets, raw materials, compensation for registration expenses … It is welcome when grant funds are used to purchase equipment;

3) Co-financing of investment projects by the applicant. All Grant Support Regulations require that, in addition to state grant money, the project be financed by the applicant himself from his own funds. Thus, the state is insured against the risk of being the only investor in the project. The grant applicant must also bear the risk of losing their money in order to be more motivated in the outcome of the project.

What is different in the requirements for the design of business plans for a grant?

1) Criteria by which the competition commission will select the winners. For various cities, districts, regions, it is of interest to support the areas of business activity that are necessary for this particular territory. And therefore, the priority sectors in each territory are their own;

2) Requirements for filling out sections of the business plan for a grant. If the structure of the business plan is approximately similar, then the requirements for the information that must be disclosed in the business plan are different. For example, in one territory it is necessary to disclose information about the tax efficiency of the project — i.e. about how quickly the grant funds invested by the state will return in the form of tax revenues to the budget. In another territory, it is required to calculate 5-10 coefficients of the economic efficiency of the project. At the same time, no one is interested in tax efficiency;

3) Requirements for information disclosure in annexes to the business plan. Often it is required not only to prepare a business plan, but to show that the information contained in it is reliable. In order to confirm the accuracy of the information in the business plan for the grant, you need to attach a transcript (make a separate application). For example, in order to confirm the reliability of the purchase price of equipment, it is required to attach a commercial application from several organizations for the supply of this equipment.


By downloading a business plan on the Internet, you are purchasing a semi-finished product. You can’t just take it and use it the way it is.
A business plan, even if it was successful and a grant was received, for example, in Kogalym, in any case, requires significant improvement, because. The requirements of the administration for the design and filling of the business plan are different.

Here you can download some examples of business plans for a grant:

Download a business plan for a grant: «Project for organizing the production of accessories for baths and saunas»

Download a business plan for a grant: «Project for the organization of a farm for the production of milk»