Small business: ideas for women

Choosing a business idea

A characteristic feature of Russia is the huge number of unemployed women. This is due to the fact that long maternity leave, guaranteed by the state, often leads to the fact that it is difficult for a woman to get a job after it, especially since the level of wages in the country does not allow women to hire nannies to take care of children.

On the other hand, women are distinguished by perseverance and conscientiousness in work, many of them achieve impressive success in business.

All this shows what a huge labor potential is practically not used by Russia to build up its economy.

Many women never receive opportunities for self-realization in their entire lives.

That is why small business for women is an opportunity that can and should be used by them.

Most women start looking for an opportunity to earn extra money while still on parental leave. But only a few actually realize these desires in practice.

This is due not only to the large amount of homework, the time that has to be devoted to children.

First of all, this is due to the psychological unwillingness of women to take responsibility for their own destiny. Meanwhile, in cases where women are forced to do this, they show impressive examples of success.

Everyone remembers the main character of the film «Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears», but many believe that this happens only in the cinema. I know dozens of cases when women in a similar situation created their own business literally from nothing.

Are there areas in small business where women do not have access? I think not. Women are able to succeed in literally any field of entrepreneurial activity.

But there are areas of small business in which, in my opinion, only women can succeed.

Ideas for women that are implemented in small business are so numerous that we will discuss them in separate articles.

Here are just some of the ideas for women that are being successfully implemented in many Russian cities:

  • Services related to marriage and weddings (marriage agencies, wedding salons, organizing and conducting weddings, photographing and video filming, etc.)
  • Production of unique handmade goods ( bouquets , postcards, jewelry, accessories, etc.)
  • Opening of various shops and salons for women (cosmetics, underwear, clothes, shoes, etc.)
  • Organization of home kindergartens and nurseries
  • Cultivation and sale of ornamental plants and flowers
  • Opening pet shops and kennels for breeding animals
  • Massage services, hairdressing, hairdressing, manicure, spa services, etc.
  • Services of a fitness trainer, style consultant
  • Organization and administration of various groups in social networks, advertising sales

The list of business ideas for women can be continued indefinitely, but it is better to consider some of them in more detail in separate articles.