Small business: production in the garage

Choosing a business idea

We will consider production in the garage as the first small business idea. And we will do this because the birth of the first computer and the world’s largest corporation, Apple, took place in a garage. Since then, the garage has become like a symbol of entrepreneurship and small business.

How convenient is a garage for the first steps in business?

Firstly, this is your own room, which you can use at your discretion.

Secondly, the garage does not create problems for the family, as it is a separate room.

Thirdly, the garage is usually equipped with burglary protection, so you can store tools, materials and other valuables in it.

Fourthly, the garage can be easily converted to anything, equipped with an exhaust hood, machine tools and so on.

The list of benefits of a garage could go on, but one thing is clear: it’s almost the perfect place to start your own business.

In principle, almost any business idea can be implemented in the garage, up to the confectionery industry. But the cost of equipment and certification in this case will be too high.

Therefore, the technical production and services opened in the garage turn out to be the most successful.

Examples of organizing a business in a garage

1) For example, such business ideas as opening a tire fitting or car service turn out to be natural for a garage.

The presence of a tool that any driver has, as well as a viewing hole, racks, jacks, reduce the initial costs of starting a business.

Having experience repairing and maintaining your own car, it is easy to gradually move on to servicing others.

For example, tire fitting equipment is easy to place in a standard garage, and the demand for such a service is extremely high during the season.

2) And almost immediately this is usually followed by demand for straightening and painting work.

Tinsmith’s day sometimes lasts all autumn, winter and spring.

At the same time, a skilled leveler can earn very good money every day.

True, customers usually want coloring right away, so additional equipment, and possibly a room, will be required. But buying a nearby garage will quickly pay off with the good quality of the work performed.

3) Some start-up entrepreneurs specialize in a narrow area of ​​service. For example, setting up an alarm.

Or just do electrical work. Or install parking sensors on cars. Or drag salons with new fabric. Or they are engaged in exclusive tuning of cars. Or put a new optics.

4) By the way, all these types of services allow you to simultaneously make a profit from trade, setting a margin on spare parts and equipment.

After all, the vast majority of motorists will not engage in an independent search for spare parts, entrusting this matter to the master.

Good craftsmen can earn initial capital in their own garage to open a specialized car service, in a separate room, with hired staff.

Or to remain experienced masters of piece demand, performing service work for the established circle of customers.

In any case, garage production is one of the most common and most successful small business ventures.