How to create a courier service

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The demand for courier delivery services is constantly growing. This can be associated not only with an increase in the number of online stores that need to deliver goods to customers, but with an increase in the volume of various official correspondence that needs to be delivered to the end consumer. Therefore, the organization of a courier service is quite attractive as an initial option for your own business.
Creating your own courier service does not require licensing, as well as large initial costs.
However, it is not always possible to recruit a staff of reliable couriers, as well as to make this line of business profitable. The reason for the failures lies mainly in a too frivolous approach, ignorance of the market, incorrect economic calculations.
The cost of delivery of goods or correspondence by courier is quite high, since it is usually carried out directly to the client’s door.
The courier during the day, due to traffic jams, the inability to park, for other reasons, is not able to fulfill many orders. There are certain restrictions on the amount of delivered correspondence. Therefore, the courier’s earnings are usually limited by his physical capabilities. This makes the work of a courier unattractive for many people, or, conversely, attracts unscrupulous people to the courier service who are not able to get a job elsewhere. In turn, this increases the risks of the safety of goods, because there are cases when the courier disappears along with the goods or money received from the client. For these reasons, the organization of a courier service must be approached as responsibly as possible, having thought through and calculated all the risks, striving for predetermined economic indicators.
The form of work of the courier service can be very different.
Courier delivery can be organized only within one locality, sometimes delivery is carried out only for a certain circle of customers. The courier service can also be a representative office of a larger company or an online store. A courier delivery company can specialize exclusively in posting official correspondence, or focus on concluding an agreement with a publishing house for the delivery of printed publications. A can perform work under contracts with corporate clients, delivering various invoices, notices, orders and fines.

The organization of a delivery service that operates on a large territory — a region, a district, or throughout Russia — requires the creation of its own logistics chain, the conclusion of contracts with transport companies, the creation of its own representative offices in various cities. A business of this magnitude is possible only in the case of large investments, and is quite difficult to implement.

However, if a new law on postal communications is adopted, which will allow private companies access to the infrastructure of the Russian Post, it will be possible to deliver goods, correspondence and printed publications using postal capacities and organizing intracity courier delivery to the consumer.
The profitability of a courier service is highly dependent on the volume and types of delivered goods or correspondence.
To determine it, it is necessary to carefully calculate all costs, take into account the transport capabilities of cities, and think over a security system for delivering orders.

The initial costs of creating a courier service can be minimal, for example, in the case of a simple posting of correspondence in mailboxes, and can be quite large, if you use a vehicle and have your own warehouses for sorting and forming orders.

In order to create a profitability delivery service from the very beginning, it is necessary to conduct marketing research, determine the initial data for economic calculations. You need to know the approximate volumes, as well as the cost of delivery that customers are willing to pay. And already from this, taking into account other parameters, you can calculate the cost of one delivery, as well as determine the necessary resources.

All this work, as well as the preparation of a detailed business plan with all economic calculations, are ready to be undertaken by specialists of the best qualifications on an order made on our website.