How to start your business from scratch in the countryside

Choosing a business idea

Business in the village has its own characteristics. The villagers live mainly on their farm, so it is very difficult to offer them anything for money. It can be said that there is practically no market for goods and services in the village. And this is the main difficulty that a novice entrepreneur in the village faces.

On the other hand, the development of business in the countryside has practically no restrictions.

There is a lot of land, in case of successful business development, it can be bought additionally. There are also many resources, including labor.

However, trying to start a business in the countryside, traditional for the city, does not make any sense. Neither a cafe, nor a car wash, nor even a shop in the village have any special prospects.

How can you build your business in the village from scratch?

Of course, one should try to use the advantages that the countryside provides. First of all, it is clean ecology and farming experience.

1) A very profitable type of rural business is beekeeping

Beekeeping products are always in demand in the city market and are not cheap. The cost of starting such a business from scratch is minimal: it is enough to start by buying a few bee colonies and gradually increasing production due to the profits. And then gradually move on to related types of business: the production of wax candles, the packaging of beekeeping products, and even the opening of your own online store.

2) Another type of business in the village that can be started from scratch is the production of various crop products.

For example, by purchasing a small batch of Californian worms , in a couple of years you can create a real business for the production of a whole line of environmentally friendly fertilizers: vermiculite, vermicomposter, vermicai. These fertilizers are highly demanded by the urban market, as they allow you to quickly increase yields in summer cottages and grow beautiful flowers.

3) If there is a fish reservoir near the village, then it is possible to organize fishing tours for urban fishing enthusiasts. Or organize excursions if there are historical sites nearby.

By the way, the so-called eco-tourism, when the townspeople come to the village for a weekend or a vacation, is becoming more and more popular. True, significant funds are required to create a comfortable mini-hotel. However, for the opportunity to take a steam bath, drink fresh milk and eat strawberries from the garden, many people are willing to pay a lot of money.

4) If the nearest city is located nearby, you can generally build your business on traditional village occupations: animal husbandry, crop production , canning products, selling all this in the city.

These are just the first ideas on how you can start your own business in the village from scratch. Later we will talk about some of the others in more detail.