Dentistry as a business

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Dentistry as a business is doomed to success if taken seriously. There is always a demand for the services of dentists, every person sooner or later has to deal with dental treatment.

Such a client base can be the envy of any other line of business.

Why private dental clinics are a promising business?

1) Modern technologies make it possible to create compact dental offices equipped with everything necessary for receiving clients. At the same time, the quality of services in private offices is often higher than in large public clinics. This is due precisely to the transition of the best specialists to private business.

2) Dentistry usually provides all dental services: therapeutic, orthopedic and surgical. Otherwise, you have to send customers to competitors, which is highly undesirable. However, it is quite difficult for one specialist to cope with all types of services qualitatively.

Therefore, as a rule, a business in the field of dentistry begins with a small office for one chair.

But a well-located dentist’s office generates enough revenue to grow, so it’s not uncommon for it to soon grow into a dental clinic with specialist offices and line-of-business specialists.

In this case, customers can count on a full range of services and decent quality. As an option, it is possible to organize a dental clinic as part of a medical center .

Why plan ahead for your dental expansion?

Therefore, when starting to implement the business idea of ​​​​a dental office, it is advisable to plan the expansion of the business in advance, and it is better to immediately include this in the business plan.
Otherwise, the initial investment in the business may be partly lost.
For example, when choosing a room, it is desirable to take into account the possibility of expansion, or not to invest in its purchase and equipment, but rather to rent for a fixed period.

Before implementing a project to open dentistry, it is better to calculate its payback. In order to calculate the payback of your business idea, you can follow this link:

The main risks of the project

The main problem of the dental business, especially at the first stage, is the lack of customers, and, consequently, income.
The development of a client base usually takes at least a year, except for those cases when the office is located in a good place.
Therefore, as an option, it is sometimes more profitable to buy a ready-made business than to create your own from scratch. Sales of dental offices, by the way, are not so rare in the market for various reasons. Someone wants to expand, and someone understands that he is more comfortable working for hire than having his own business.

As for the technical details, the calculations for the implementation of dentistry as a business should be detailed in the business plan , which will allow you to reach payback in the shortest way. You can order a detailed business plan with the necessary calculations on our website, entrusting this part of the work to highly qualified specialists.