Shopping center as a business

Business ideas by directions

The dynamics of the construction of more and more new shopping centers says only one thing: this business sector is developing rapidly and still has good prospects.

Indeed, the share of small businesses is still very small, but it is constantly growing. And all new entrepreneurs, who are especially numerous in trade, need space to organize their own business, and they need clients who will come to them. All this can be obtained in the shopping center.

Therefore, the business idea of ​​a shopping center not only does not become obsolete, but is far from being fully implemented everywhere. The meaning of the idea is to build a complex and then rent out the space. Of course, the building must be maintained in excellent condition, protected, heated and illuminated. But all these expenses are more than covered by rent.
In addition, our own shopping center allows you to use part of its space for organizing your own highly profitable retail trade.
In our country, most shopping centers are multi-format, which unite under their roof many individual trading companies and entrepreneurs.

In such centers, at best, there is a conditional division according to the proposed assortment, for example, men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, electronics, and so on. But even this conditional division, most often cannot be observed, since small entrepreneurs usually try to expand the range, bringing chaos to the overall structure. Therefore, along with multi-format, specialized shopping centers began to appear, in which the buyer finds his goods much easier.
However, the profitability of such centers is much lower just because of the specialization: having bought the right product, the buyer leaves the center.
In recent years, shopping centers are gradually turning into shopping and entertainment complexes, in which, in addition to retail outlets, there are cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and so on. It is very convenient for visitors, as in such a complex you can spend time with friends, and, at the same time, buy necessary and unnecessary things.
It is clear that the profit of such complexes is much higher than the old shopping centers.
And, finally, modern shopping centers have the so-called «power format». The structure of such centers is much clearer, as it is based on the fact that the main areas are occupied by large brands, around which small entrepreneurs with goods of the relevant subject are grouped. This allows you to build a clear and understandable sales structure and make it easier for the client to find the right product. At the same time, all the advantages of the shopping and entertainment center are preserved.

Creating a modern shopping center requires huge investments and economically accurate planning.

To implement this business idea, you need to go through a long and difficult path of obtaining land for construction, various permits and approvals, design, construction and commissioning of the facility. An equally important part is attracting and planning the placement of tenants, concluding long-term lease agreements with them and organizing the maintenance of the complex. It is impossible to go all this way without a clear business plan and accurate economic calculations.

The payback of the project usually takes from 4 to 6 years. However, the subsequent monthly profit amounts to many millions of dollars.

On our website you can order a detailed business plan of the shopping center and all the necessary calculations for building your own profitable business.