How to earn start-up capital yourself?

Start-up capital

How to earn start-up capital yourself? The answer to this question worries many aspiring entrepreneurs.

In the article “Where to get start-up capital for your business?” we considered several ways to attract money to your business project.

These are the following options:

ask relatives for money

get a loan from a bank

attract business partners ,

— apply for a private loan or a microloan ,

— Finally, resort to finding a professional investor .

But all these options do not work if you do not have your own money. Everything is very simple: if you do not have money to invest in a business, you are not ready to take risks. You are not ready to risk your money for the success of the project.

Why will other people risk their money for the success of YOUR project?!
Your money in business should be. Let a part, even a smaller part. But it’s up to you to invest the money.
The best way to get money to start a business is to earn it yourself.

Stories on how to earn start-up capital yourself

If you look at history, then almost all people who have become millionaires have become them without having anything. Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, started out as a talented student who was able to give the world what it needed and get rich. The well-known Soros started out as a salesman in a coffee shop, but now he is one of the 20 richest people on the planet.

All this is great, but what if you still don’t have your own money? Perhaps they are, but they are sorely lacking? Why do I need Bill Gates?

“How to earn start-up capital for me?” — you ask.

I answer this question in some detail in my free book 10 Ways to Reduce Your Upfront Investment. There are easy-to-implement, but very effective ways to save money at the start of a business.

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