Foreign experience of small business

Choosing a business idea

Small business in developed and developing countries is the backbone of the economy. The foreign experience of small business shows that its representatives just form the middle class, on the basis of which the society of these states is built.

For example, in the United States, about 53% of the able-bodied population work in small and medium-sized businesses, and every third family is employed in a small business.

In Japan and Germany, the share of people employed in small and medium-sized businesses reaches 70%; in most European countries, about half of the population works at such enterprises.

In Russia, the share of the working population employed in small and medium-sized businesses has remained at about 20% for many years, and many analysts say that this share will not change much in the near future.

What is the reason for such a difference in the economies of Russia and foreign countries?

After all, in Russia the state is making gigantic efforts to develop small businesses, allocating subsidies, adopting laws that facilitate the development of small businesses.

That is, everything is done the same as in the West, but with a completely different result.

The experience of foreign small businesses speaks of a psychological difference in approaches compared to Russia

Abroad, the majority of the population has dreamed of owning their own business since childhood.

Entrepreneurial success stories are replicated in books, films, and the media. The fact that half of small businesses fail in their first two years doesn’t stop thousands of people from trying to get rich.

In our country, entrepreneurship is still perceived as something semi-legal, almost fraudulent.

Moreover, this attitude is observed not only on the part of the majority of the population, but also on the part of civil servants, who, on the contrary, are called upon to help develop small businesses.

The origins of this lie both in the dishonest privatization of the 90s, and in the numerous facts of really fraudulent actions of some entrepreneurs and one-day firms. However, the vast majority of entrepreneurs achieve success through their own work and enterprise.

Therefore, in order to succeed as an entrepreneur in Russia, one must first of all discard the imaginary feeling of guilt for the actions of others.

The psychology of society is gradually changing. Many Russian entrepreneurs have earned respect not only with the money they earn, but also with the ethics of their business behavior.

And the foreign experience of small business teaches us that Russia’s potential in this respect has not yet been revealed even by half. So, all the more, you should not put off starting your own business. We need to act today, now, not being afraid of negative experience, which is the best teacher for a novice businessman.